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Why You Need to Start Watching Frieren Immediately

Time flies, it's fleeting, and yet, it's also an illusion. However, in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, time takes center stage in a poignant exploration of life and companionship. Since its debut, the series has generated considerable buzz, much of it highly positive. Rest assured, if the subsequent episodes maintain the quality of the premiere, the acclaim is well-deserved.

Adapted from the manga by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe, Frieren is brought to life by the animation studio Madhouse under the direction of Keiichirou Saitou, known for their work on 2022’s "Bocchi the Rock." The narrative follows an elven mage as she retraces the footsteps of her former adventuring party, grappling with memories, confronting guilt over missed connections, and forging new bonds along the journey.

5. Frieren has a Unique Animation Style

In addition to its deliberate pacing, Frieren distinguishes itself with a subdued animation style compared to other contemporary anime. Instead of opting for vibrant visuals and bold colors, Frieren adopts a more restrained approach.

The animation and color palette evoke the aesthetic of illustrations found in fairy tale books rather than typical anime. While occasional comedic moments exist, the animation style contributes to imbuing Frieren with a more serious tone. This anime prioritizes drawing viewers into its intricacies rather than seeking immediate attention, mirroring Frieren's own journey of paying close attention to details.

4. Frieren has one of the Finest Story Progressions

Not only does Frieren feature subtle colors and animation, but its entire narrative unfolds at a leisurely pace. While fans often associate great adventures with epic encounters with monsters or other remarkable events, Frieren takes a different approach by focusing on the everyday lives of its adventurers.

Thus far, the anime primarily revolves around Frieren and her companions as they embark on a single quest, rather than showcasing multiple excursions. Moreover, it tends to avoid significant jumps in time. Although the early episodes include some leaps, once Frieren, Fern, and Stark set out on their journey, the narrative progresses in sync with the changing seasons. Frieren affords its audience a comprehensive view of their travels, prioritizing the subtleties over bombastic highlights.

3. Frieren has a Balanced Gender Representation

In contrast to many fantasy/adventure anime, Frieren stands out for its substantial female representation without resorting to a harem dynamic. The relationship between Frieren and Fern takes center stage as the first to develop within the new party, receiving the most screen time and depth. Additionally, the composition of the Frieren Party is noteworthy for its predominance of female members, a departure from the typical adventuring parties depicted in other fantasy anime, which often feature more males.

Moreover, Frieren ensures that its female characters are multi-dimensional, with Frieren and Fern embodying distinct personality traits, quirks, and aspirations. Rather than relegating female characters to one-dimensional roles, Frieren gives them depth and complexity.

Furthermore, the Frieren Party encounters an equal number of new male and female characters on their journey, contributing to a balanced representation of both genders throughout the narrative.

2. Frieren dives into Depths of Regret and Loss

Frieren distinguishes itself through its exploration of themes centered around regret and loss. While many anime touch upon the theme of grieving, few delve into the aftermath experienced by the surviving characters. Frieren, however, delves deeply into the protagonist's remorse over squandering the time she had with cherished friends, realizing too late the fleeting nature of non-elven lives.

Despite living for over a millennium, it is only through embarking on a quest with Himmel and others that Frieren comprehends the importance of forming connections and cherishing those who pass through her life, even if their time together is fleeting. The regret she harbors for not appreciating these relationships drives her to not only seek solace in the afterlife to reunite with Himmel but also to prioritize fostering bonds with her new companions. Frieren makes a solemn vow to preserve their memories for eternity, ensuring they do not fade into obscurity as nameless ghosts of the past.

1. Frieren portrays its Heroes Realistically

While most television series glorify the achievements of their protagonists, portraying them as larger-than-life figures, Frieren takes a different approach.

Despite the statues and legends scattered across the land depicting the Hero Party, Frieren stands as a testament to the reality of their existence: they were flawed individuals who diligently pursued their goals. Despite the populace's desire to believe in heroes, Frieren serves as a reminder that these heroes were, at their core, ordinary people. The series underscores this by showcasing the heroes engaging in mundane tasks that might seem trivial in other fantasy adventure anime.

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