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„No waifu, no laifu“ encapsulates valuable advice for any waifu enthusiast, emphasizing the relatively harmless nature of developing affection for anime girls. That said, some individuals take it to the extreme, investing in extravagant items such as a $999 limited edition figurine of their waifu – a choice that deserves acknowledgment.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize that not all waifus share the same standing. There exists a hierarchy, dividing them into tiers, with god-tier waifus at the pinnacle and trash-tier waifus at the bottom. In this ranking, we will explore some anime waifus occupying lower positions on the tier list, examining factors such as their overall personality, utility, and relevance to the narrative. Let’s delve into the analysis!

Worst WAIFU Number 10: Aqua (KonoSuba)

Our initial contender is a goddess whose behavior doesn’t quite align with traditional divine expectations. While I don’t harbor strong negative feelings towards Aqua, I do appreciate the unique dynamics she introduces to her party. Her role as a comedic character is particularly noteworthy.

However, when it comes to being a waifu, she falls short. Most of the time, she proves to be rather ineffectual, and she lacks the qualities that one might consider ideal for a waifu. Unless, of course, you happen to be someone who finds appeal in goddesses characterized by their whining, cunning, prideful, and notably ineffective traits!

Worst WAIFU Number 9: Misa Amane (Death Note)

In anime with more intellectual and psychologically stimulating themes, such as Death Note, characters are often categorized as either influential figures or mere pawns in the broader strategic landscape. Regrettably for our idol waifu, Misa Misa, she finds herself ensnared as a pawn in the intricate machinations of one of the most brilliant yet perilous masterminds in the anime realm.

However, her involvement in Light Yagami’s schemes doesn’t excuse her from the consequences of her actions. Regardless of perspective, Misa is portrayed as either a mass-murdering psychopath fixated on another similarly inclined individual or a significant impediment to Light Yagami’s plans. Her sole commendable trait lies in her unwavering loyalty to Light, though the value of such allegiance is questionable, given the nature of Light’s character.

Worst WAIFU Number 8: Lucy Heartfilia (FAIRY TAIL)

If there were an award for being irksome, Lucy would undoubtedly hold the CEO position. Admittedly, she’s not entirely without merit. There’s a lot happening with her, and her physical attributes are noteworthy. However, the issue lies in her lack of a discernible personality. Consistently irritating, overly flirtatious, and engaging in lewd behavior, she becomes a character difficult to love.

Adding to my discontent is the disappointment in her character development. Across the series, there was ample opportunity for significant growth, yet Lucy falls short. She stands out as an undesirable waifu, and the untapped potential leaves a lingering sense of missed opportunities. Despite an initial liking for Lucy, a comparison with characters like Erza only serves to highlight how easily she can be overshadowed and overlooked.

WORST WAIFU Number 7: Ochako Uraraka (MY HERO ACADEMIA)

Ochaco Uraraka earns the title of the worst anime waifu for numerous reasons. One glaring flaw is her minimal character development throughout the series, maintaining a static presence even as the narrative evolves. This lack of growth is so pronounced that it prompts many fans to explore alternative pairings for Deku and other characters, underlining the dissatisfaction with Uraraka as a central romantic interest.

Considering potential romantic connections for Uraraka within the series proves challenging, as she seems to lack a distinct personality beyond her affection for Deku. Her character revolves primarily around liking Deku and spending time with him, leaving her bereft of individual traits that might make her stand out. In essence, Uraraka emerges as another example of an anime waifu who fails to leave a positive impression over time.

WORST WAIFU Number 6: Erina Nakiri (Food Wars!)

In Food Wars!, Erina is characterized by her meanspirited and manipulative nature. Despite initial assumptions that she might be a typical tsundere after her debut, her subsequent actions reveal a different reality. Erina serves as a stark example that an attractive character design cannot redeem someone if their personality is fundamentally flawed.

Regrettably, Erina’s negative behavior is sometimes overlooked and excused by fans who are enamored with her appearance. The lack of significant character development further compounds the issue, leaving fans without a deeper understanding or sympathy for her actions. Erina’s demeanor is consistently condescending and rude, as she treats those around her with disdain, showcasing the challenges of reconciling an appealing exterior with a less-than-appealing personality.

WORST WAIFU Number 5: Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

Sakura Haruno’s reputation as the „useless third wheel“ in Naruto and Sasuke’s team has become a prominent meme within the anime community, and it’s not without reason.

Upon reflection, Sakura’s utility appears rather limited, even when compared to characters outside the central trio of Naruto and Sasuke. Her journey starts with her being perceived as an annoying, violent, and insensitive individual who engaged in hurtful actions, such as mocking Naruto for being an orphan and physically assaulting him for minor reasons.

Moreover, her persistent infatuation with Sasuke, despite his repeated attempts to harm both her and Naruto, stands out as a perplexing and arguably unhealthy obsession with troubled individuals. The irony of Sakura’s simping for Sasuke, who initially posed a significant threat, adds a layer of complexity to her character dynamics.

WORST WAIFU Number 4: Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

Yuno Gasai from Future Diary is undeniably one of anime’s most iconic yandere characters, known for her extreme and obsessive behavior. However, her likability factor is questionable, and she can be viewed as a rather reprehensible waifu. Despite her outward appearance as a friendly girl, Yuno’s dark side becomes evident as she proves willing to harm or kill anyone for the sake of her love for Yukiteru.

Yuno falls short of being an exemplary yandere character. Within the context of Future Diary, her portrayal seems somewhat short-sighted and unfinished. Her character is crafted as a mentally unstable and quirky anime girl whose defining trait is an intense, often murderous, love for her partner. Unfortunately, this narrative approach feels somewhat formulaic, having been explored in various iterations in anime, and frequently with more depth and nuance.

WORST WAIFU Number 3: Malty S Melromarc (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Malty Melromarc, a character in anime, earns the unenviable distinction of being one of the few who, in the eyes of many, fully deserves the label of the B-word. Despite her initial appearance as a stereotypically kind and gentle princess common in isekai anime, the reality is far from it.

Malty’s true nature reveals her to be a deceitful, ruthless, manipulative, and heartless individual, earning her a place among the most detested characters in anime. Her betrayal knows no bounds, extending even to her own family. For those familiar with the light novel upon which the series is based, the sentiment is clear—Malty’s actions warrant whatever consequences may come her way.

WORST WAIFU Number 2: Rachel (Tower of God)

Our second notable entry brings us Rachel, the Backstabbing and Scheming Queen, whose lackluster appearance is just one facet of her mediocrity as a potential waifu. Rachel proves herself unworthy of both trust and adoration, making her a rather underwhelming choice.

While some characters on this list may have their fair share of betrayals, none compare to the profound impact of Rachel’s betrayals, particularly when directed at someone as close to her as Bam. The depth of dislike for this fictional character serves as a testament to her effectiveness as an antagonist, although it does nothing to elevate her standing as a waifu. At best, Rachel falls into the category of a trash-tier waifu, embodying a literal Judas-like figure, albeit without the remorse associated with betrayal.

WORST WAIFU Number 1: Makima (Chainsaw Man)

In Chainsaw Man, it’s widely acknowledged that Makima is an irredeemably awful person. Her actions include taking advantage of Denji, essentially grooming him to comply with her every request by manipulating him with the promise of a romantic relationship.

Many of the interactions between Denji and Makima are deemed inappropriate, with Makima exploiting Denji’s naivety about intimate relationships to further her own agenda. While manga readers are aware that Makima’s manipulative behavior is supernaturally motivated, even without this revelation, it would be challenging to find any redeeming qualities in her character. The portrayal of Makima underscores her as a deeply negative force within the narrative.

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