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Occasionally, anime imparts valuable insights to us, ranging from valuable nuggets of wisdom to an entirely fresh perspective on existence.

Certain exceptional anime series remain ingrained in the minds of viewers due to the insights they provide, spanning from valuable nuggets of wisdom to an entirely rejuvenated outlook on life. While these anime primarily aim to engage their audience, they frequently convey profound messages that resonate deeply with their followers. At times, series deeply entrenched in themes of personal growth, well-rounded character evolution, and emotionally stirring narratives firmly establish themselves as timeless classics.

At times, these lessons might not be immediately conspicuous, given that each person has an anime that imparted a significant life insight to them. This piece will examine ten anime selections spanning different genres that offer valuable life lessons to adults.

10. Found Family is Still Family. (One Piece)

The often-repeated saying „blood is thicker than water“ implies that familial bonds carry more weight than other relationships. Yet, there’s a contrasting perspective that „The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,“ suggesting that in some cases, blood ties alone aren’t enough. Among anime like One Piece that impart life lessons, the latter interpretation resonates strongly. This perspective is supported by the fact that many members of the Straw Hat Crew have experienced situations like being orphans (Luffy), coming from abusive households (Sanji), or enduring tumultuous home lives. The core idea is that at times, a family can be composed of individuals united through battles or camaraderie, a concept cherished by many adults.

9. Keep going, no matter how bleak the situation is. (Dragon Ball franchise)

Many shonen anime feature characters pushing themselves beyond their limits, yet Dragon Ball distinctly stands out as an anime that imparts the life lesson of relentless perseverance. This concept is deeply ingrained in Goku’s character, evident from his childhood and continuing into adulthood, where he trains so intensely that his body nearly gives way.

While the Dragon Ball franchise undoubtedly underscores the importance of maintaining a resolute work ethic, it also underscores the significance of taking breaks. Goku, Vegeta, and other characters are shown training intensely, which yields results over time, but the series also highlights the necessity of avoiding burnout. While unwavering determination remains crucial, the message is clear: pushing to the point of exhaustion isn’t endorsed.

8. The children have it the worst during the times of war. (Grave of the Fireflies)

Grave of the Fireflies and Barefoot Gen, both from Studio Ghibli, deviate from the lighthearted essence typically associated with the studio. Instead, they delve into the harrowing aftermath and tragedies of World War II. Grave of the Fireflies delves into the devastation caused by firebombing, while Barefoot Gen tackles the catastrophic consequences of the atomic bomb’s detonation. These two anime serve as poignant reminders that war yields grim and unsettling life lessons about its futility.

Barefoot Gen centers on the ghastly repercussions of the atomic bomb, depicting the horrifying outcomes like radiation poisoning, burns, and the government’s negligence toward its vulnerable populace through the perspective of a child. On the other hand, Grave of the Fireflies, while more personal in nature, portrays how warfare disrupts the lives and relationships of children, ultimately subjecting them to death or even worse fates.

7. Running and isolation don’t work. (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Neon Genesis Evangelion consistently takes center stage in discussions revolving around anime that impart life lessons and delve into themes of mental health and trauma. In this series, the Evangelion pilots often find themselves in turmoil, largely due to Shinji’s relentless embodiment of the „teen hero in a giant robot“ trope, pushed to an exaggerated extreme.

The culmination of these circumstances gives rise to a multitude of mental challenges stemming from the unceasing trauma and pressure they face, all while lacking proper therapy or support. NGE’s narrative also underscores the vital lesson that withdrawing and fleeing from challenges only exacerbates problems, as does attempting to shoulder burdens alone. Notably, both in the original series and its Rebuild, Shinji’s journey towards healing commences when he begins to accept help from those around him, underscoring the significance of collective support.

6. The dark side of the life of a celebrity. (Perfect Blue)

Numerous misconceptions envelop celebrities and the realm of idol culture, with one prevalent myth being the assumption that they possess everything, enjoying substantial wealth and unwavering contentment in their lives. Perfect Blue defies this notion by exposing the harsh realities of stalking, escalating stress, and life-threatening encounters that protagonist Mima Kirigoe endures.

Moreover, Perfect Blue imparts several valuable life lessons concerning the perils of celebrity culture. It highlights the pitfalls of imposing unattainable standards upon individuals and anticipates the emergence of fanatical obsessions in the digital era. The anime serves as an instructive narrative, cautioning against the hazards that come with fame and celebrity.

5. Addressing social anxiety involves seeking support from those around you.
(Bocchi the Rock!)

Many mental illnesses, including social anxiety and depression, often fail to receive the serious consideration they deserve from the general public and society as a whole. This predicament is particularly pronounced in cases such as social anxiety. Fortunately, there exist anime that effectively communicate the crucial life lesson that social anxiety is a genuine and potentially incapacitating condition that necessitates appropriate support. An exemplary illustration of this is found in „Bocchi The Rock!“

While the anime predominantly centers around Hitori’s struggle with social anxiety, it also extends its focus to encompass the challenges faced by other characters. Nijika and Seika grapple with the trauma stemming from their deceased mother and an absent father, respectively. Nijika, in particular, emphasizes how Bocchi, or Hitori, significantly contributed to both the band’s and the cafe’s popularity, reciprocating the support she received in her battle against debilitating anxiety. Her account resonates with the profound impact of Hitori’s presence, as Nijika herself was once confined to her own home due to her anxiety-related struggles.

4. Achieving Your Dreams Is Underwhelming. (One Punch Man)

The notion of being a hero often proves to be overhyped, exemplified by Saitama’s experience, where obtaining immense power renders life unfulfilling. One-Punch Man’s appeal transcends its action sequences, finding resonance in the mundane aspects of Saitama’s daily routine. The impact of achieving goals tends to wane once they’re realized.

Similarly, professional aspirations frequently fall short of inflated expectations, culinary creations rarely match the allure of menu depictions, sequels can disappoint, and relationships are susceptible to deterioration. Amidst life’s monotony and banality, a touch of satire can serve as a valuable coping mechanism, offering a fresh perspective on navigating life’s challenges.

3. Good Rivalries Are Built On Respect, Not Envy. (My Hero Academia)

Rivalries are a recurring theme in shonen anime, yet not all rivalries prove to be constructive or motivational. When a character enters into a negative or acrimonious rivalry, like the fiery Katsuki Bakugo, the outcomes can be detrimental rather than beneficial for those involved.

Bakugo’s intense rivalry with Izuku nearly jeopardized their friendship and led to recklessness on his part. It was only with time that Izuku and Bakugo managed to transform their rivalry into a healthier, more constructive dynamic. This narrative underscores a valuable lesson – not all forms of competition or rivalry are inherently positive or advantageous.

2. The World Isn’t Black & White (Attack on Titan)

Eren and Gabi both grew up with the singular goal of obliterating the opposing side for perceived unjust provocations. Eren’s shock at discovering that Reiner and Bertholdt were his adversaries all along was mirrored by the equal astonishment of the two infiltrators upon witnessing the kindness of the people within the walls.

Conversely, Gabi’s killing of Sasha was driven by her belief that Sasha was an evildoer. Her astonishment ensued when Sasha’s loved ones treated her with compassion instead of seeking vengeance for their loss. Additionally, she came to realize that the dichotomy of „good“ or „bad“ among Eldians was a flawed concept. The quintessential lesson within the series centers on the understanding that the world operates in shades of gray, without the rigid delineation of black and white.

1. Patience yields the most valuable treasures in life. (Hunter x Hunter)

Devoted Hunter x Hunter enthusiasts have patiently awaited the series‘ conclusion, enduring extended hiatuses in the manga’s release schedule. Despite these occasional disappointments, the series continues to captivate its dedicated fan base due to its unwavering ability to provide enjoyment. The endearing characters foster a strong attachment among fans, each driven by a shared dream, a motivational force that keeps them engaged. Typically, the conclusion of a series signals a return to reality for fans, yet Hunter x Hunter’s ongoing narrative ensures there’s always something to anticipate and look forward to.

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