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Top 10 Anime like Prison School

Prison School, an ecchi-comedy anime by Akira Hiramoto, delves into the lives of a group of male students who find themselves enrolled in an all-female boarding school due to policy changes. However, their misdeeds result in the boys being confined to the school’s jail.While the anime’s cancellation may have been abrupt, many critics argue that Prison School stands out as one of the finest comedy anime of the past five years. With its daring and risqué humor, the series undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. Fortunately, for those seeking more entertainment in a similar vein, the world of anime offers a plethora of other series to explore.

Anime like Prison School Number 10: Highschool Of The Dead

HIghschool_of_the_deadIn Highschool of the Dead, we follow the journey of Takashi Kimuro, a young boy determined to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of zombies. As he gathers a group of allies, Takashi takes on the responsibility of protecting his loved ones while unraveling the mysteries behind the outbreak. Similar to Prison School, Highschool of the Dead presents a captivating blend of humor and intense dialogue that keeps anime enthusiasts engaged throughout every episode. The series offers a unique and fascinating perspective on the post-apocalyptic setting, leading many to proclaim it as a must-watch, single-season gem deserving of a revival.

Anime like Prison School Number 9: Grand Blue

grand_blueGrand Blue revolves around the life of Iori Kitahara, a young man residing above his uncle’s scuba-diving shop in the picturesque coastal town of the Izu Peninsula. His encounter with the rowdy members of the local diving club, known for their wild partying, sparks a deep fascination within Iori, but it also leads to his alienation from others. Now, Iori must embark on a journey of self-discovery, grappling with his true aspirations and uncovering his genuine dreams for college.

Similar to Prison School, Grand Blue showcases a group of male characters captivated by the opposite sex and engages in mature activities. However, in contrast to Prison School’s boarding school environment, Grand Blue predominantly revolves around the dynamic college life experience.

Anime like Prison School Number 8: Kakegurui

kakeguruiKakegurui delves into the story of Jabami Yumeko, a girl who enters a school where gambling reigns supreme. Unbeknownst to her fellow students, Yumeko is a skilled and cunning gambler. The anime centers around Yumeko’s quest to challenge and dethrone Kirari, the student council president, in high-stakes gambling battles.

Similar to Prison School, Kakegurui features a blend of self-aware humor and visually eccentric animated sequences. While the anime adaptation of Kakegurui may have faced challenges in fully capturing its source material, it still manages to deliver an entertaining experience. For fans of Prison School’s audacious humor and peculiar aesthetics, Kakegurui is a show that is likely to satisfy their cravings.

Anime like Prison School Number 7: Detroit Metal City

detroit_metal_cityDetroit Metal City revolves around the life of Souichi Negishi, a man who leads a double life as a rockstar, despite yearning for a peaceful existence. Negishi reluctantly embraces his alter ego to make a living, but he grapples with the challenge of balancing his newfound fame and his ordinary college life.

Similar to Prison School, Detroit Metal City embraces adult-oriented humor and presents vulgar imagery that may not be suitable for younger audiences. Both anime series also share the theme of protagonists longing for a tranquil life with a partner who embodies more conventional qualities rather than engaging in reckless behavior.

Anime like Prison School Number 6: Shinometa

shinometaShimoneta revolves around the story of Tanukichi Okuma, a young boy who enrolls in a notorious high school with the intention of getting closer to his childhood crush, the yandere Anna Nishikinomiya. His objective is to assist the student council in upholding Japan’s strict laws against obscene acts. However, things take an unexpected turn when Okuma becomes entangled with the organization known as SOX, led by the alleged lewd criminal, Blue Snow. Okuma’s unique background earns him the attention of Blue Snow, and he finds himself compelled to join their ranks.

As the plot of Shimoneta thickens, Tanukichi is faced with the daunting task of assisting SOX in challenging the person he holds dear. Similar to Prison School, Shimoneta features a strong female character who can fend for herself, alongside a male protagonist who finds himself involved in provocative actions involving many others. Additionally, both series share a comparable level of ecchi humor within a school-like environment.

Anime like Prison School Number 5: Punch Line

punch_linePunch Line follows the story of Yuuta Iridatsu, whose soul is stolen from him by a mystical cat named Chiranosuke. This is just the beginning of Yuuta’s troubles, as he soon discovers that he possesses immense power after catching a glimpse of a woman’s underwear. The anime centers around Yuuta and his friends‘ efforts to thwart a world-ending organization while also preventing Yuuta from catching sight of more underwear, as doing so could spell the end of their world.

Similar to Prison School, Punch Line features sexual humor that is sure to elicit a chuckle from some anime fans. However, it should be noted that Punch Line has a more fantastical and action-oriented storyline, whereas Prison School’s plot revolves more around the daily lives of its characters in a boarding school setting.

Anime like Prison School Number 4: Golden Boy

golden_boyGolden Boy follows the story of Kintarou Ooe, a man driven by his desire to find the perfect job. With his enthusiasm for women and learning, Kintarou embarks on a journey to experience an extraordinary life. Similar to Prison School, Golden Boy employs provocative humor and features female characters with captivating personalities and notable appearances.

Both Prison School and Golden Boy highlight the male characters‘ naivety when it comes to understanding women while showcasing their growth and development throughout each episode. Golden Boy is often considered a hidden gem of the 90s, with many arguing that it is an underrated anime series from that era.

Anime like Prison School Number 3: Great Teacher Onizuka

great_teacher_onizukaGreat Teacher Onizuka revolves around the story of Eikichi Onizuka, a man with a dream of becoming Japan’s greatest high school teacher. However, he quickly realizes that his new students present him with unexpected challenges. Little do these troubled students know that Onizuka is no ordinary teacher to be taken lightly.

Similar to Prison School, Great Teacher Onizuka includes characters with perverted tendencies within a school setting. Fans of comedy anime will appreciate the provocative jokes that come along with Great Teacher Onizuka. Despite its comedic elements, some argue that the series only needed one season to tell its captivating narrative.

Anime like Prison School Number 2: Kill La Kill

kill_la_killKill La Kill centers around the story of Ryuko Matoi, a determined girl who obtains a powerful wearable weapon called Senketsu after a defeat at the hands of Satsuki Kiryuin, the leader of Honnoji Academy. Driven by a desire to find her father’s killer and bring down Satsuki, Ryuko embarks on a thrilling quest.

Similar to Prison School, Kill La Kill incorporates sexual humor and imagery, intertwining them within a school environment. Both anime series also boast stunning animation and feature a memorable ensemble of characters that are likely to captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression.

Anime like Prison School Number 1: Gintama

gintamaGintama follows the story of Gintoki Sakata, a man who proudly displays his love for samurai in a society that neglects and bans swords. Working as a yorozuya, Gintoki encounters various individuals who join him on his countless adventures.

Gintoki and his friends embark on humorous quests that are frequently interrupted by independent troublemakers, assassins, and law enforcement. Like Prison School, Gintama presents an engaging storyline intertwined with mature comedy, delivered in an unconventional manner. The series offers a unique blend of humor, action, and a touch of unorthodox storytelling that sets it apart.

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