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On July 15, 2023, the production team of The Irregular at Magic High School anime series made an eagerly anticipated announcement. They confirmed that the previously announced sequel anime for the series is slated to be aired next year. Alongside this revelation, they unveiled a captivating teaser visual and an exciting teaser promotional video, which effectively broke the news to the fans.

The television anime adaptation of Tsutomu Sato’s The Irregular at Magic High School light novel series originally premiered in April 2014. Although the second season of the anime was initially scheduled for a July 2020 release, it was unavoidably delayed due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and eventually aired in October 2020.

The wording of the recent announcement suggests that the upcoming sequel series of The Irregular at Magic High School will be distinct and separate from the first two seasons. While it can be seen as a spiritual third season, the decision to position it as a standalone sequel series hints at significant changes in tone, themes, and overall storytelling to be expected in the forthcoming installment.


The highly anticipated new installment of The Irregular at Magic High School anime series is set to release in 2024, although an exact release date has not been confirmed at this initial announcement. The new series will be directed by Jimmy Stone and produced by the returning studio 8-Bit. Taku Iwasaki will be composing the music, while Kana Ishida will provide the character designs for the teaser and poster.

Excitingly, several members of the original cast will be returning for the new series. Saori Hayami will reprise her role as Miyuki Shiba, Yuichi Nakamura as Tatsuya Shiba, and Kiyono Yasuno as Minami Sakurai.

For those interested in catching up on The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc, it is now available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The official description of the arc is as follows: „April 2095. A century has passed since magic was established as actual technology. The two siblings enroll at a prestigious school for magicians called the National Magic University Affiliated First High School, better known as ‚Magic High School.‘ Tatsuya, the older brother, is an ‚irregular‘ with a fatal flaw in his magic powers.“

Miyuki, the younger sister, possesses extraordinary magical abilities and is hailed as a prodigious student. Despite their close bond, their relationship wasn’t always so harmonious. Just a few years ago, they had a dysfunctional dynamic where Tatsuya played the role of a master, and Miyuki served as his subordinate. However, a life-altering incident changed the course of their relationship forever.

In the scenic backdrop of Okinawa, a profound experience shook the very core of their beings, leaving an indelible mark on their souls and altering their destinies. This transformative event turned their relationship from one of mere duty into something much deeper and profound. The impact of those fateful moments resonates through their lives to this day, shaping their shared journey in unexpected ways.


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