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Solo Leveling: 5 of Sung Jin-Woo’s Strongest Weapons

In the Solo Leveling series, hunters confront monsters and monarchs to safeguard their world from beings bent on domination. Amidst numerous battles, some hunters rely on weapons, while others rely solely on their fists. Despite wielding weapons, certain hunters find themselves unable to inflict significant damage on their foes. The most potent weapons, crafted from monster remains, command exorbitant prices.

Yet, Sung Jin-Woo stands apart. His ability to acquire weapons by slaying monsters akin to a video game grants him unparalleled ease in amassing a formidable arsenal. Moreover, the quality of his weapons surpasses the standard offerings available to most hunters. Since weapons are fashioned from various monster remains, their effectiveness varies, with some rising as superior to others.

Sung Jin-Woo's Strongest Weapon #5

Baruka’s Daggers

Following Baruka’s demise, his dagger transitioned into Sung Jinwoo’s primary weapon, boasting a compact yet striking design. Adorned with a gleaming silver blade emitting a white aura and complemented by a grey handle, it holds a noteworthy position in Sung Jinwoo’s arsenal. Offering a substantial +110 attack power boost and a +10 agility enhancement, it secures the fifth spot among his weaponry.

This dagger proves notably effective on the upper floors of the Demon Castle, where Jinwoo skillfully deploys it in battle, notably against Baran. Despite being obtained as a consolation prize following the unsuccessful conversion of Baruka’s corpse into a shadow, its presence holds significance within Sung Jinwoo’s esteemed collection of weapons.

Sung Jin-Woo's Strongest Weapon #4

Demon King's Daggers

Sung Jin-Woo wielded the Demon King’s daggers until he acquired Kamish’s daggers from Thomas Andre. These powerful weapons came into his possession after his victory over Demon King Baran, boasting an impressive attack power of +220, making them his most formidable weapons at the time.

As S-rank daggers, they undoubtedly ranked among Sung Jin-Woo’s most potent arsenal. However, despite their ability to slice through nearly anything and their effectiveness against standard S-rank hunters, they proved ineffective against adversaries of national-level caliber such as Thomas Andre and the Monarchs. This limitation placed Sung Jin-Woo at a disadvantage when confronting enemies of such extraordinary prowess.

Sung Jin-Woo's Strongest Weapon #3

Orb Of Avarice

Sung Jinwoo obtained the Orb of Avarice within the Demon Castle dungeon, although it deviates from conventional weaponry, serving instead as an augmented spell-casting enhancer or wand. While Sung Jinwoo didn’t personally wield it, he entrusted it to Tusk, one of his formidable shadows.

Functioning as a potent force multiplier for spellcasters, the orb found frequent application alongside the Demon King’s Longsword, notably when wielded by Igris.

This distinctive item introduces a strategic layer to Sung Jinwoo’s weaponry collection by bolstering the magical prowess of his shadows during combat engagements.

Sung Jin-Woo's Strongest Weapon #2

Demon King's Longsword

During the confrontation with the magical replica of Baran, the Monarch of White Flames, on the 100th floor of the Demon Castle, Sung Jin-Woo engaged in a grueling battle. Following this intense encounter, Sung Jin-Woo acquired the Demon King’s Longsword as one of the spoils. Boasting an impressive attack stat of 350, the Longsword stands out as one of the most formidable weapons in Sung Jin-Woo’s arsenal.

Beyond its sheer power, the Longsword also possesses a remarkable Storm of White Flames effect, unleashing lightning with each swing. While Sung Jin-Woo primarily wields daggers, he eventually entrusted the Longsword to Igris to serve as his primary weapon. Igris proved more than capable of holding his own against S-Class-ranked hunters, wielding the Longsword with mastery.

Sung Jin-Woo's Strongest Weapon #1

Kamish's Wrath

Fashioned from the remnants of humanity’s most catastrophic event, the dragon Kamish, these daggers stand among the most potent magical weapons globally, if not the outright strongest. Crafted from Kamish’s formidable and largest tooth, which Thomas Andre retained as a memento following the dragon’s defeat, these daggers embody unparalleled power.

In the realm of weapons depicted in the series, Kamish’s Wrath reigns supreme. Sung Jin-Woo demonstrated its extraordinary capabilities by successfully striking down numerous Monarchs with it. However, its efficacy faltered against Antares, the King of Dragons, as the daggers were forged from a dragon’s essence. Nevertheless, prior to obtaining Ashborn’s full legacy, Kamish’s Wrath played a pivotal role in Sung Jin-Woo’s ability to wound and ultimately eliminate the Monarchs.

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