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Re:Monster Anime First Trailer Revealed, Along With More Details

In the autumn season, news surfaced about the anime adaptation of Kogitsune Kanekiru’s fantasy light novel series, Re:Monster. While the initial announcement lacked specific information, recent updates have addressed this, revealing an extended cast and crew, a premiere timeframe, a visual, and the debut trailer for the forthcoming series!

The Re:Monster anime is derived from the Japanese light novel series authored by Kogitsune Kanekiru and illustrated by Yamaada, sharing the same title. Originally serialized on Shosetsuka ni Naro from 2011 to 2018, the series comprised nine volumes published by AlphaPolis after its acquisition. The confirmation of the anime adaptation came on September 19, 2023, with Studio DEEN handling the production.

Re:Monster Anime Trailer

This preview delves into the premise of the anime, offering viewers a glimpse into how the main character undergoes a reincarnation as a Goblin in another world following a mysterious demise. The protagonist awakens resembling a baby goblin, slowly comprehending his new reality. Despite the challenges, he adapts to life in the harsh Goblin community, grappling with the necessity to combat peculiar yet perilous creatures and cultivating bonds with fellow Goblins.

As disclosed in the promotional teaser, the protagonist goes by the name Gob-rou, and the video predominantly highlights how he and his companions navigate survival in a realm governed by Darwinian principles. Beyond unraveling the series‘ storyline, the clip also imparts details about the anime’s cast and the artist responsible for the opening theme.

Re:Monster Key Visual and More Details Revealed

The official team behind Re: Monster has revealed a fresh key visual for the imminent anime, showcasing the main characters of the series. This illustration specifically emphasizes the evolution of Gob-rou and his friends, portraying their journey from infancy to adulthood. Additionally, an updated rendition of the initial key visual for the anime has been presented to the audience.

Re:Monster Cast and Production

Produced by Studio DEEN, the Re:Monster anime boasts an impressive cast and staff lineup. As per official reports, Takayuki Inagaki takes on the role of director, with Horioshi Yamaguchi handling the series composition. The character design for the anime is crafted by Junichi Takaoka, renowned for his work on Gravion.

The musical composition falls under the expertise of Go Sakabe, while the color design is entrusted to Yukia Kadowak, and Norito Kondo assumes the position of photography director. Shuhei Abe contributes as the sound director, among other talented individuals.

Notably, the opening theme, „Into the Fire,“ is a collaboration between Chansung, a prominent artist from the South Korean boy band 2PM, and AK-69, a Japanese hip-hop artist. The opening song also features Changmin, a member of the 2AM boy band.

In terms of the cast, Takaya Sato, known for voicing Anthonio Caesar Zeppeli in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, assumes the role of the protagonist, Gobrou. Kenta Hosoda lends his voice to Gobkichi, while Ai Kakuma voices Gobmi. Other cast members include Kana Ueda as Gobe and Mai Kanno as The Redhead.

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