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Excitement is abound among manga enthusiasts with the recent announcement of a new Baki manga series, slated for release in August 2023. The devoted fans, eagerly awaiting this news, are now looking forward to the next chapter in the beloved Baki saga. The announcement was officially made on July 26, 2023, and it has sparked anticipation for the revitalization of this iconic martial arts genre.

Marked on the calendar for August 24, 2023, the highly anticipated release of the new manga is eagerly awaited. This fresh addition to the Baki universe continues the tradition of delivering intense martial arts action, intricate storytelling, and profound character development. As the upcoming debut approaches, it stands as a remarkable milestone for the Baki franchise, cementing its rightful place in manga history.


The creators of the new Baki manga have done an excellent job of keeping the plot tightly under wraps until now. Nevertheless, fans can anticipate that the series will continue to delve into the captivating world of martial arts, where protagonist Baki Hanma will face new challenges and formidable adversaries.

The manga has earned its reputation for combining breathtaking fight scenes with profound philosophical undertones. The upcoming installment is expected to uphold this celebrated legacy.

The Baki series is widely acclaimed for its unique fusion of action, drama, and philosophy. With the introduction of the new manga, readers can look forward to a deeper exploration of these thematic elements. This fresh perspective sheds light on Baki Hanma’s unwavering quest for martial arts supremacy and provides a richer understanding of his world.

The exact number of volumes for the new Baki manga has not been disclosed yet. However, given the series‘ history of featuring lengthy story arcs, fans can eagerly anticipate a significant addition to their Baki collection.

In the 35th issue of Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine this year, the exciting news was revealed that Keisuke Itagaki will be starting a new series for his Baki manga. The much-awaited debut of this new installment will be unveiled in the magazine’s 39th issue on August 24 of the current year.

The beloved series will continue its journey with this beautifully written new chapter penned by Keisuke Itagaki. Akita Shoten, the esteemed publisher behind the previous volumes, is expected to release this thrilling addition. A team of experienced professionals, who have played a crucial role in shaping the Baki series, will contribute their expertise and passion to create captivating illustrations.

Their dedication to the franchise shines through in the exceptional storytelling and artwork that have become synonymous with the renowned Baki name.

The recent announcement of the new Baki manga highlights the enduring appeal of the series. With its unique blend of action, drama, and philosophy, the Baki franchise continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly await the release of the latest manga installment, one thing is certain: Baki Hanma’s world is about to expand in thrilling and unexpected ways.

As August 24, 2023, draws near, the manga community is eagerly preparing itself for the next chapter in the epic Baki saga.

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