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Netflix's Terminator Zero Anime Series Gets First Look and August Release Date

Ahead of its August 29 debut, Netflix has released a series of first-look images for its Terminator Zero anime. The sci-fi series’ new characters —some of whom are included in Netflix’s first-looks for Terminator Zero— will all be introduced on Thursday, August 29 with all eight episodes released on the same day. Terminator Zero is created and executive produced by Mattson Tomlin in collaboration with Skydance and Production I.G, an animation company.

The story unfolds primarily in 1997 Tokyo. As the writer notes, none of the previous films will be ignored. The general plot centers on an officer who travels back through time to protect Malcolm Lee, a researcher, who plans to fashion an AI for good causes and halt the evil that will wipe out mankind, and is to include his own three children. While there are a few inconsistencies with most plots (Terminator Zero is unique in the fact that it does not feature the Connor family), Terminator Zero is still Terminator.

What we Know About Terminator Zero Anime

John or Sarah Connor will not be seen in the show, what they will see is that it was recognized as Malcolm Lee, a forward-thinking person who was coming up with ways of introducing a new A.I. system as an alternative against the forthcoming threat by Skynet which is aimed at people's lives, who, however has to deal with ethical subtleties of having created a machine in the first place.

A brave soldier, who will travel back in time to protect Lee from potential danger, is caught between the year 2022 where there has been a future war for decades between few human survivors and infinite number of machines and 1997, when A.I. called Skynet became sentient starting its war against mankind.

This seems to imply that Lee’s availability for help will be crucial to him, given that he has “…been stalked by a relentless killer sent from 2029 to alter the destiny of his three children forever.” Such determination is unmistakably shown when one sees a picture of an individual donning a suit, yet there are parts of his facial skin missing – instead; a single evil looking pink eye from machine peers out through them suggesting that they belong to Terminator.

Terminator Zero was teased without showing series footage, so these pictures remain the anime’s first clear preview before hitting the Netflix. It is a new addition to the universe that began in 1984 through initial Terminator which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger which has had 5 other movies and survival spin-off television show.

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