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Netflix Drops Explosive 'Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura' Trailer, Anime Set for June Release

The first trailer for Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura has been released. This monumental clash will put the mightiest warriors from both franchises to the ultimate test, as they converge following Baki Hanma's season finale and the latest installment of Kengan Ashura. This epic showdown aims to settle the age-old debate of who reigns supreme.

Netflix plans to debut Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura later this summer, featuring an expansive roster from Keisuke Itagaki's Baki the Grappler and Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon's Kengan Ashura. This surprise collaboration will bring together handpicked fighters from their renowned martial arts tournaments.

Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura Crossover Trailer

In the past, Baki Hanma and Kengan Ashura have fought hard but only within their arenas. But now, in Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura, they're about to collide for the very first time, promising a showdown that'll leave bones rattling and hearts racing. The trailer offers a sneak peek into a furious tournament where fighters from both anime worlds battle it out for the crown of supremacy.

Netflix has also revealed the official match-ups:

  • - First up, it's Kengan Ashura's Saw Paing locking horns with Baki Hanma's intimidating yakuza leader, Kaoru Hanayama.
  • - Round 2 sees assassin Raian Kure going toe-to-toe with the appropriately named Jack Hammer.
  • - And for the grand finale, series heroes Ohma Takita and Baki Hanma duke it out in a clash that's sure to become the stuff of legend.

Baki Hanma, which premiered as a series in 2021, follows our hero as he strives to carve out a legacy greater than his father's. Meanwhile, Kengan Ashura dives into the gritty underworld of underground fighting, where corporates settle scores through their chosen champions.

Get ready to witness the ultimate showdown as Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura lands on Netflix worldwide on June 6th.

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