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The original Naruto series is poised to make its comeback this week. The show’s official website has unveiled the definitive release date and streaming particulars for the upcoming four episodes.

The anticipation of Naruto’s return has been circulating for a year now. Devoted fans were elated to learn that their beloved show would be gracing screens once again after a considerable hiatus. The year 2023 commemorates the 20th anime anniversary of this iconic series, sparking rumors that the creators would have something special in store. Happily, it has been confirmed that we’ll be treated to a couple of episodes to indulge in nostalgia this week. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of what to expect from Naruto’s long-awaited return this week.

Everything We Know About The New Naruto Anime

As of now, the creators have unveiled just a single teaser visual in anticipation of the show’s premiere. This teaser also serves as a poster, featuring Naruto and Madara Uchiha within the frame. The creators have made it clear that this will be a four-week journey, encompassing a total of four episodes. At the time of this writing, the specific content of these new episodes remains a mystery to fans. Nonetheless, the four episodes are poised to pay homage to the original story and incorporate references from the series.

The official Naruto website indicates that the original Team 7 from the Naruto anime—Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi—will make their return in this new iteration.

Furthermore, the official website has also divulged details about the opening and ending theme songs for the four-episode launch. The opening theme song will be performed by FLOW and is titled „GO!!!“, a song originating from the original anime. However, FLOW will be offering their own rendition of it for this occasion. As for the ending theme song, it will be a cover of „Viva☆Rock“ by ORANGE RANGE. The internet is abuzz with these revelations, and the excitement emanating from fans is nothing short of immense.

Current State of The Series

The year 2023 has proven to be a highly productive one for this cherished franchise. Not only is the new Naruto anime gearing up for its release, but the Boruto sequel has also made a significant resurgence in recent weeks through its manga. The introduction of a time skip, the character development witnessed by figures like Boruto and Sarada, and the increased prominence granted to well-known names like Shikamaru have caused a considerable shift in people’s perspectives on the series.

In addition to these developments, Minato Namikaze, a long-standing fan favorite, has finally received his own one-shot after winning the Narutop99 vote last year. Authored and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto, this one-shot marks a return to the craft for Kishimoto, a venture he hadn’t embarked upon since the original manga concluded. Fans were elated by this news and greatly appreciated how the legendary mangaka further enriched the relationship between Minato and Kushina in his work.

Release Date and More

The final release date of the new Naruto episodes is September 3, 2023. The anime will air one episode each on Sundays at 5:30 pm JST on TV Tokyo-affiliated Japanese television networks. As of the time of writing, the streaming details of the anime have not been revealed. Thus, we will be sure to update this section as soon as that is confirmed. Keep an eye on Pinkvilla for all the latest updates on the reboot and other anime.

Here’s the release schedule for the new Naruto anime:

  • Episode 1 – September 3
  • Episode 2 – September 10
  • Episode 3 – September 17
  • Episode 4 – September 24

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