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My Hero Academia: The Suspense Behind Deku’s Father

Deku, whose real name is Izuku Midoriya, is the central figure in the series My Hero Academia. He is a young aspiring hero who trains diligently to master his quirk, One For All, which he inherited from All Might, his mentor. While we are well-informed about Deku’s mother, there remains a significant enigma surrounding his father, including his identity and whereabouts. Numerous fan theories have emerged, ranging from the possibility of his father being a significant but undisclosed character to the notion that his role is inconsequential and irrelevant to the overall narrative.

Family holds significant importance in the world of My Hero Academia, impacting characters such as Shoto Todoroki and even Tomura Shigaraki in profound ways. A character’s Quirk is not the sole factor shaping their life; their parents, or the lack thereof, also play a crucial role. In the case of the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, he was fortunate to have a caring single mother during his upbringing. However, fans remain eager to uncover the identity of his father.

In the past, numerous imaginative fan theories emerged regarding Izuku’s absent parent, with some even speculating that All For One, a formidable villain, could be his true father. Another, albeit more plausible, yet ultimately incorrect theory once suggested that All Might, Izuku’s revered mentor, held the role of his father. Interestingly, certain pieces of My Hero Academia lore seemed to provide support for this theory.

What we know so far

In the world of My Hero Academia, little is known about Deku’s father, but he does have a name: Hisashi Midoriya. At some point in his life, Hisashi married Inko Midoriya, who gave birth to their son, Izuku. Hisashi is believed to have taken up work overseas, but his current location and occupation remain unknown.

Despite Hisashi’s relocation, Inko continues to refer to him as her husband, suggesting that they are still together. However, it is peculiar that Deku has not been shown interacting with his father, not even through means like text messaging or phone calls, leaving the true nature of their relationship uncertain.

Hisashi’s Quirk is also intriguing, described only as an unknown fire-breathing ability that allows him to breathe fire. There have been hints that Hisashi’s character will be fully unveiled within the story before its conclusion, potentially showcasing his Quirk and shedding light on the man behind Deku’s father. On the contrary, if fan theories prove to be correct, this revelation could deeply impact Deku and create a monumental conflict within the world of My Hero Academia. Many of these theories speculate that Deku’s father is secretly the notorious antagonist All For One.

Previously, manga author Kohei Horikoshi had shared that the identity of Deku’s father would be unveiled by the conclusion of the story, along with other lingering questions. As the story progressed, some of these mysteries were indeed resolved, and fans had the opportunity to witness the climactic showdown between Deku and Shigaraki. However, an unexpected shift occurred as the narrative turned its focus towards the challenges faced by heteromorphs.

The connection between this shift in the story and the identity of Deku’s father remains unclear at this point. The decision to delve into the struggles of heteromorphs during such a critical juncture in the manga raises questions among readers. It leaves fans wondering how this new storyline will eventually tie back to the revelation of Deku’s father and the resolution of other key plot points. Only time will reveal the intricate connections and narrative choices made by Kohei Horikoshi in My Hero Academia.

Until the anticipated reveal occurs, we must patiently await further developments in the captivating narrative of My Hero Academia.

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