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On September 18, 2023, the My Hero Academia television anime series unveiled an exciting update: a new special episode titled „UA Heroes Battle“ is set to grace Japanese theaters. The official English Twitter account for the franchise also thrilled fans by announcing that the episode’s world premiere will occur during this year’s upcoming New York Comic Con event.

Furthermore, it was revealed that this special My Hero Academia episode will be available for international audiences to stream via Crunchyroll, including viewers in the United States. A concise synopsis of the episode was shared, indicating that it will delve into the events preceding the Endeavor Internship arc, which featured prominently in the anime’s fifth season.

This special episode marks a significant moment for My Hero Academia, as it’s the first addition to the anime series since the conclusion of its sixth season in early Spring 2023, comprising 25 episodes. While a seventh season is confirmed to be in production, no further details have emerged regarding its content or release date.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Might Still Be a Long Way Off

As previously mentioned, the special My Hero Academia episode is scheduled to premiere in 10 Japanese theaters from Friday, October 20, through Thursday, October 26, 2023. The episode will have its world debut in an English dub at this year’s New York Comic Con event, specifically on Friday, October 13, at 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), taking place at the Javits Center’s Empire Stage.

Crunchyroll has already confirmed its plans to stream the episode internationally in various regions, encompassing the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Channel Islands, Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, Scandinavia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and even French Southern and Antarctic Islands and Pacific Islands in the future.

According to the episode’s description, Mirio Togata introduces Class 1-A students to the „Yuuei Heroes Battle“ card game, a creation of the support class. Each student selects cards and engages in a „fierce battle,“ only to discover that the game holds hidden complexities beyond their initial perceptions.

Furthermore, a seventh season for the television anime adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga series has been officially confirmed. Additionally, the franchise has announced a fourth film, which has led fans to speculate that it may be in production alongside the seventh season.

Nevertheless, there are concerns among some fans, as a similar situation occurred in the past when the production of the fifth season coincided with the franchise’s third film. This led to accusations of animation Studio Bones prioritizing the film’s quality over the fifth season, resulting in the latter being perceived as somewhat inferior to its predecessors. Fans hope that history won’t repeat itself with the upcoming projects in the anime series.

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