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Originally a beloved Japanese light novel series penned by the talented Akumi Agitogi and adorned with beautiful illustrations by Tsukiho Tsukioka, My Happy Marriage quickly captured the hearts of readers. Its charm extended further as it was adapted into a manga, brought to life by the skilled hand of Rito Kohsaka, and serialized on Square Enix’s Gangan Online service since December 2018.

Now, the enchanting romance of My Happy Marriage takes on a new form as an anime series, skillfully directed by the renowned Takehiro Kubota. Kubota’s creative genius has graced other remarkable anime like Space Dandy, Ping Pong, and ID: INVADED, promising a delightful and engaging storytelling experience. Collaborating on the scriptwriting are the talented minds of Ami Satō, Takahito Ōnishi, and Momoka Toyoda, ensuring a captivating narrative that stays true to the heart of the original story.

The anime’s character designs come to life under the expertise of Shoko Yasuda, breathing personalities and emotions into the beloved characters. Elevating the enchantment further, the music compositions are masterfully crafted by Evan Call, adding a melodious layer to the tale of love and perseverance.

Animated by the esteemed Kinema Citrus Studios, renowned for their exceptional works like Rising Shield Hero, Made In Abyss, Black Bullet, and Code Breaker, My Happy Marriage comes to life in a visual splendor that will leave audiences captivated by the vibrancy and depth of the world they portray.

In the realm of „Happily Ever After,“ an arranged marriage may not seem like the idyllic path to heaven. Yet, for Miyo Saimori (portrayed by Miranda Parkin), it emerges as the perfect escape from an abusive home situation. Resembling a modern-day Cinderella, the poignant tale of „My Happy Marriage“ unfolds as Miyo endures the harsh treatment from her own family until an unexpected twist alters her fate. Suddenly, she finds herself bound in matrimony to a new family, but her prospective husband bears a notorious reputation for driving away three previous potential brides.

Within this beautifully animated yet emotionally turbulent romance, dramatic encounters are certain to abound. As the story unfolds, one can’t help but ponder: Where does the elusive notion of a „happy“ marriage truly reside within the title? Brace yourself for an enthralling journey that will keep you captivated, questioning, and hopeful for the revelation of love’s true potential amidst the challenges that lie ahead.


In a world where supernatural talents abound, Miyo Saimori stands as an outlier, bereft of any special abilities, and relegated to an outcast within her own family. Subjected to a life of servitude under the yoke of an abusive stepmother, she dreams of a better life, yearning for the day when marriage might offer her an escape.

However, destiny takes an unexpected turn when a precarious opportunity presents itself—an audition to become a potential bride for Kiyoka Kudou, a formidable commander known for his icy demeanor and cruelty. His previous brides had fled within days of their engagements, casting a shadow of fear upon the prospect. Yet, with no other options, Miyo seizes the chance and finds herself drawn into a web of uncertainty.

As the story unfolds, she discovers that Kiyoka belongs to one of the most powerful families in the land, and her heart brims with trepidation. But appearances can deceive, and as they begin to peel back the layers of their souls, she realizes that her husband-to-be is far from the monster she imagined.

In the throes of their challenges, their hearts intertwine, and love blossoms in the most unexpected of places. Yet, their path is not without obstacles, as antagonizing family members and haunting scars from the past threaten to tear them apart.

Determined to conquer every hurdle standing in their way, Miyo and Kiyoka make a heartfelt promise to one another. Together, they embark on a journey of triumph, breaking the shackles of the past and embracing a future built on love’s enduring strength. „Whispers of the Heart“ is a tale of love’s resilience, where two souls unite to create a harmonious melody, transcending the trials that life casts their way.

This captivating series weaves an intriguing tapestry, drawing inspiration from classic tales such as Cinderella while infusing shades of Fruits Basket in its animation and tone. As the story unfolds, it promises to offer a delightful concoction of surprises and plot twists, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Despite the unique twists, the essence of timeless elements is present, providing familiar and cherished setpieces that will resonate with audiences. Prepare for a mesmerizing journey where enchantment, emotion, and unforeseen revelations blend seamlessly, creating a truly unforgettable experience.


The eagerly anticipated anime made its grand debut in Japan on July 5, 2023, premiering on Tokyo MX and various other networks. The excitement reached a global scale as Netflix simultaneously broadcasted the series on the very same day, making it accessible to a broader audience.

As of now, the anime is currently airing in Japan and can also be enjoyed through streaming on Netflix. Audiences have been treated to three episodes thus far, with nine more episodes yet to unfold. Each episode presents a captivating 24-minute journey, filled with emotion and wonder.

The series has garnered immense praise from fans and critics alike, receiving acclaim for its exceptional animation quality, compelling voice acting, and remarkable faithfulness to the source material. This dedicated approach to staying true to the original story has only added to the appeal, winning the hearts of fans who eagerly embrace this enchanting adaptation.

As the tale of My Happy Marriage continues to unfold, viewers can look forward to further captivating moments, unforeseen twists, and a heartfelt journey that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.


The ongoing series, My Happy Marriage, continues to enthrall its devoted fans with new chapters in the light novel, fresh volumes in the manga, and upcoming episodes of the anime. This beloved series promises an exciting and promising future that fans eagerly anticipate.

Receiving a warm reception, the series has garnered praise from its dedicated audience. The compelling characters, captivating storylines, and heartwarming romance have all played a significant role in captivating the hearts of fans. Similarly, the anime adaptation has also been well-received, with viewers appreciating the beautifully animated visuals, exceptional voice acting, and faithful portrayal of the source material.

While the duration of My Happy Marriage’s continuation remains uncertain, one thing is clear – the series has forged a devoted fan base that eagerly awaits the next steps in the unfolding narrative journey of Miyo and Kiyoka. As the tale progresses, fans can rest assured that they will be treated to a compelling and heartfelt story that will leave a lasting impression.

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