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Renowned for its captivating romance and humor, the beloved manga series created by Hiroki Adachi, known affectionately as Hero, has triumphantly returned with a fresh chapter on July 30. Anticipation for this moment had been building since the confirmation, a few months ago, of the manga’s revival after its conclusion in 2021. Fans were thrilled to learn that new chapters would begin hitting shelves on July 18, and now, the latest release is set to continue the highly awaited College arc.

Delighting readers with the endearing tale of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, two high school students whose intertwining lives inspired the title „Horimiya“ (a portmanteau of their names), the romantic comedy has found immense popularity. Recently, the franchise’s allure expanded with a brand-new anime adaptation that premiered on July 1. As a result, the entire Horimiya universe is experiencing a joyous resurgence, much to the delight of its ardent fanbase.


Confirmation has recently surfaced that the Horimiya manga will be treating fans to additional chapters, further adding to the excitement surrounding its comeback. One chapter has already been released, marking the manga’s return, with the promise of two more chapters to follow in the near future. This development aligns with earlier news from a few months ago, announcing the manga’s revival after its conclusion in 2021, with plans to release new chapters and compile them into a new volume.

As if this weren’t thrilling enough, the anime adaptation of Horimiya, created by CloverWorks, has also made its debut on July 1. This animated series follows the footsteps of the original show that aired from January to April 2021. While both adaptations were handled by the same studio, the second series has been receiving notably positive feedback from viewers.

In a momentous revelation for the fandom, it has been disclosed that these fresh chapters will finally explore the much-anticipated College arc, a plot point that has been eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts for several years. This is undeniably wonderful news for devoted fans of the series, as it promises significant developments in the enchanting romance of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura.


At first glance, the idea of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura forming a bond might seem far-fetched. Hori’s charisma and intellect create an image of perfection, while Miyamura’s withdrawn demeanor leaves him appearing distant to his classmates. Nevertheless, a serendipitous encounter brings forth the true selves of both individuals. Despite Hori’s popularity at school, her responsibilities at home leave little time for socializing with friends. On the other hand, Miyamura lives a discreet life, concealing his body adorned with hidden tattoos and piercings, giving him the appearance of a gentle delinquent.

Despite their contrasting personalities, fate brings them together, unraveling unusual similarities they share. Gradually, a deep friendship blossoms between them, leading to frequent visits to Hori’s home, where they can truly be themselves. As they open up to one another, they reveal facets of their personalities concealed from the outside world.

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