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Everything You Need to Know About Oshi No Ko

The creators of Kaguya-sama: Love is War and Scum’s Wish, Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari, surprised fans when they teamed up for a new manga called Oshi no Ko. This manga is a unique and intriguing story that combines different themes to create something truly fascinating. It explores the entertainment industry and its different parts, from clean to unbelievably dirty. It also highlights the serious flaws in idol culture while acknowledging the hardworking people just trying to reach their dreams.

The story begins with an adult doctor who is a huge fan of his favorite idol, Ai. He picks up this trait from a twelve-year-old patient whom he befriended and has since passed on. He receives news that Ai is going to take some time off, and soon after, Ai shows up in his clinic along with her manager to talk about her pregnancy. Our protagonist helps his idol through this harsh period until the day of the children’s birth when he is killed off and reborn as one of Ai’s children, the other one being the patient he was once friends with.

From here on out, the real story of Oshi no Ko begins. Goro, now reincarnated in the body of a baby known as Aqua, attempts to solve the mystery of why he was killed and who his father really is. Our male lead is trying to find out about his mother’s killer, and our female lead is trying to follow in her mother’s footsteps. However, the story doesn’t make it clear exactly what it is and where it is going until at least the end of volume 1. At first, it seems as if it will focus on Ai’s struggles in balancing childcare with her career, but that conflict is resolved pretty early on thanks to the introduction of a babysitter. Then, the series pivots hard towards exploring the world of show business, accompanying Ai and her kids to a TV shoot while Aqua attracts the attention of a famous director. It is only at the end of Oshi no Ko volume 1, however, that it becomes clear that the real focus of the plot is solving the mystery of Goro’s killer, who may or may not have something to do with Aqua and his sister’s father.

The motivations of the two characters are so very different despite being so much alike, and both moving into the entertainment industry is also a nice dynamic. The mystery of their father and if he was actually involved in the murder is something that keeps readers invested. Although this manga may not be the best showcase of Aka’s ability, it is clear that Oshi no Ko is a story that Aka is putting quite a bit of passion and interest into, and the result is something worth reading.

Aka’s portrayal of the world of entertainment is harsh, highlighting the people trying to do what they can to land gigs and the acts that these people put on for a living. He talks heavily about how these characters use social media to their advantage, the economics and policies that institutions follow while trying to turn a profit, and the lies they sell to their customers and the people who tell those lies.

In conclusion, Oshi no Ko is a wild story of idols and revenge that is worth checking out. It explores many themes and tackles the entertainment industry in a unique and intriguing way, making for a truly fascinating read.

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