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According to a Twitter leaker known as @MangaEarlyBird, there are strong indications that Chainsaw Man season 2 is currently in the production stage. In addition, rumors suggest that a movie adaptation is also being developed alongside the second season. However, it is crucial to emphasize that these claims have not been officially confirmed by reputable sources such as MAPPA or the official Chainsaw Man social media accounts.

Since this news broke out, it has generated considerable excitement among fans who are eagerly anticipating the continuation of this beloved anime series.



To date, the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man has encompassed four distinct story arcs: the Introduction arc, Bat Devil arc, Eternity Devil arc, and Katana Man arc. Considering that the first season comprised only 12 episodes, it is reasonable to anticipate that Chainsaw Man season 2 will likely follow a similar episode count.

The aforementioned arcs span a collective total of 39 chapters, indicating that each episode roughly covers slightly over 3 chapters on average. Based on this pattern, it is conceivable that the upcoming season may encompass the subsequent three story arcs: the Bomb Girl arc, International Assassins arc, and Gun Devil arc.

Given the tremendous acclaim received by the first season of the anime, it is improbable that there will be a change in the animation studio responsible for Chainsaw Man. Despite the significant utilization of CGI, the art style of the initial season was widely commended. Consequently, it is anticipated that MAPPA will remain at the helm of animation production for the upcoming season, ensuring a continuation of their exceptional standards and delivering a top-tier portrayal of the second installment of the anime and manga series.


To date, only one season of Chainsaw Man has been released. While official confirmation regarding the production of the second season is yet to be announced, rumors indicate that the studio has initiated the process. The initial season was animated by MAPPA and was made available for streaming on platforms such as Netflix and Crunchyroll. It is conceivable that both of these platforms will continue to distribute the second season of Chainsaw Man, should it come to fruition.

The Chainsaw Man manga has currently published a total of 132 chapters, comprising 11 distinct story arcs. The breakdown of these arcs is as follows:

  1. Introduction arc – Chapters 1-4
  2. Bat Devil arc – Chapters 5-12
  3. Eternity Devil arc – Chapters 13-21
  4. Katana Man arc – Chapters 22-39
  5. Bomb Girl arc – Chapters 40-52
  6. International Assassins arc – Chapters 53-70
  7. Gun Devil arc – Chapters 71-79
  8. Control Devil arc – Chapters 80-97
  9. Justice Devil arc – Chapters 98-111
  10. Dating Denji arc – Chapters 112-120
  11. Falling Devil arc – Chapters 121-132

For fans interested in delving into the manga ahead of Chainsaw Man season 2, they can start from chapter 40. The upcoming chapter, 133, is scheduled to be released on June 21, 2023, at 12 am JST. The latest chapters can be accessed on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platform and Viz.

Keep an eye out for further updates on anime and manga developments as 2023 unfolds.

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