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On Saturday, October 28, 2023, the sequel to the Blue Exorcist anime unveiled a fresh trailer, along with disclosing the series‘ release timeframe and the animation studio responsible. The trailer not only showcased the forthcoming opening theme for the sequel anime, performed by UVERworld, the same artists behind the opening theme of the My Hero Academia anime.

The announcement of the Blue Exorcist anime sequel was first made in December 2022, during Jump Festa 2023’s Jump Stage Neo event. This announcement included a brief teaser and the introduction of a new character through several illustrations. Fans warmly embraced this news and expressed their enthusiasm for Aniplex’s decision to revive the series after such a considerable time.

Blue Exorcist Sequel Gets a January 2024 Release Window

As mentioned previously, the latest trailer for the Blue Exorcist anime sequel unveiled the anticipated release window for the series, set for January 2024. Although the precise release date hasn’t been disclosed yet, fans can anticipate this information to be revealed in the upcoming weeks and months leading up to the January 2024 timeframe.

The promotional video also introduced the opening theme for the series, titled „Eye’s Sentry,“ performed by UVERworld. UVERworld has a prior association with the franchise, but they are perhaps most renowned for creating the popular third season opening theme, „Odd Future,“ for My Hero Academia.

The new anime is officially titled the „Shimane Illuminati Saga“ and will adapt the story arc of the same name from the original manga. The 30-second trailer provides a glimpse of various characters who appear poised to play significant roles in the forthcoming series. However, the central focus of the trailer remains on the protagonists, Rin Okumura and his twin brother, Yukio Okumura.

In addition, the trailer disclosed that Studio VOLN would be responsible for animating the new series, marking a departure from A-1 Pictures, which had produced the first two seasons of the anime. While some fans express reservations about this change in animation studios, others are eager to witness how the series will appear under the guidance of a fresh production team.

The original manga, created by Kazue Kato, includes both the writing and illustrations. It initially debuted in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine back in April 2009 and continues to be serialized in the magazine to this day. The series has been compiled into a total of 29 volumes, with all but the 29th available in both English and Japanese.

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