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Fans have anxiously awaited the return of Black Clover’s anime for a period of three years, following the conclusion of its fourth season. During this time, uncertainty loomed over the possibility of the show’s revival. However, recent developments have sparked renewed optimism among fans. The release of Black Clover’s non-canon movie on Netflix last month has reignited hope, suggesting that the series might continue. Excitingly, a trustworthy leak has now substantiated these speculations, confirming that Black Clover Season 5 is slated for a much-anticipated arrival in 2024.

The leak originates from a source with a noteworthy history of reliability. This particular source has demonstrated an impressive track record by accurately predicting the release of a new Warner Bros anime showcasing DC characters, as well as providing reliable information about the release of Bleach TYBW: Part 2. Considering their past successes, fans have valid grounds to place trust in the latest revelation from this source.



Black Clover Season 5 will take viewers on a thrilling journey through the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, promising an exhilarating exploration of the storyline. This arc will showcase a series of intense and captivating fight scenes as the mages face off against the formidable Dark Triad. At the heart of the Dark Triad’s ambitions is the creation of the Tree of Qliphoth, a powerful structure that would grant entry to devils like Lucifero into the realm of the living.

Nacht, a valued member of the Black Bulls, possesses a deep understanding of the immense danger posed by the Dark Triad’s plan. He recognizes that the successful arrival of Lucifero in their world would result in catastrophic destruction. This realization underscores the high stakes and the critical mission that the mages undertake as they clash with the Dark Triad and their ambitions.

In order to protect their world from this imminent threat, the mages must tap into their full potential and harness their unique magical abilities. Black Clover Season 5 promises an action-packed and suspenseful narrative as the mages engage in epic battles against formidable adversaries. The fate of their world hangs in the balance, compelling them to go to great lengths to safeguard it from the impending peril.


Despite the absence of official announcements from Studio Pierrot or any affiliated company regarding Black Clover Season 5, the credibility of the source gives us reason to believe that an official confirmation is highly probable in the near future.

The recent success of the Black Clover movie has significantly heightened fans‘ excitement for the return of the TV anime. Many enthusiasts had anxiously awaited the movie’s release, hoping that news of the anime’s continuation would soon follow. Their patience has finally been rewarded.

Currently, the available information is limited. Fans eagerly await an official announcement regarding the revival of the Black Clover anime. While the leakers did not provide specific details about the release schedule for Season 5, they did mention that it would be arriving soon.

Based on this information, speculation arises that Black Clover Season 5 may potentially debut in 2024, possibly next year. Let us maintain our hope and keep our fingers crossed, as waiting any longer would undoubtedly present a challenge. Once an official confirmation is received, further details, including the release date, are expected to follow.

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