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The realm of anime encompasses a myriad of genres, ranging from Shoujo to Isekai; however, they share a common penchant for incorporating unexpected narrative turns. Numerous anime series demonstrate a willingness to introduce elements of mortality, betrayal, or complete character metamorphosis in order to astonish their viewers. The magnitude of these twists directly correlates with the level of risk involved. While certain twists may be predictably evident or poorly received by the audience, others seamlessly resonate and gain heightened popularity. The ultimate verdict hinges on the adeptness of their execution.

The most exceptional plot twists are the ones that catch the audience entirely off guard. These twists are meticulously constructed with just the right amount of foreshadowing to prevent them from feeling implausible, yet they also avoid revealing too much before their actual revelation.

Below are the anime series that have masterfully executed plot twists that took everyone by surprise!

Code Geass

Lelouch’s ingenious plan to dismantle Britannia’s oppressive dominion stands out as a truly remarkable narrative turn within the context of Code Geass. Yet, the pivotal revelation occurs when Lelouch masterminds his own demise, leaving all to believe he sacrificed himself as a martyr. This ruse affords him the freedom to clandestinely operate, deftly shaping circumstances to undermine the Britannian regime. The intricacy of Lelouch’s strategy, coupled with his inner moral dilemmas and unforeseen tactical intricacies, captivates the viewer’s interest, showcasing the series‘ adept utilization of suspense and narrative tactics.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Unveiling Father’s true identity stands out as one of the most pivotal plot twists in this captivating narrative. Initially portrayed as a benevolent figure, Father is ultimately unmasked as a homunculus orchestrating an elaborate scheme to attain godlike power and reshape the world to mirror his desires. This unexpected turn of events not only redefines the conflict but also adds layers of complexity and profundity to the storyline. The revelation compels protagonists Edward and Alphonse Elric to confront existential dilemmas stemming from the very essence of creation and manipulation, intertwining with the physical challenges posed by alchemical battles. Through its intricate narrative craftsmanship, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood adeptly maneuvers these twists, holding the audience’s attention with finesse.


The enduring anime is defined by numerous pivotal narrative turns, with one of the most profound revolving around the actual identity of Itachi Uchiha. Itachi’s initial portrayal as an antagonist responsible for the Uchiha clan’s massacre gives way to a heartrending revelation uncovering his genuine motives and unwavering loyalty. The revelation discloses that the massacre was a sacrifice he made to safeguard the community and shield his younger brother, Sasuke, from the Uchiha clan’s sinister intentions.

Following this disclosure, Itachi transforms from a ruthless assassin into a tragic hero, burdened by a weighty responsibility for the greater welfare. This twist magnificently showcases the series‘ ability to intricately interlace character dynamics, while also delving deeper into the emotional bonds among characters and reshaping the intricacies of the Naruto universe.

The Promised Neverland

A masterful plot twist within The Promised Neverland completely upends the foundational principles of its narrative. Set against the backdrop of what appears to be an idyllic orphanage, this shocking revelation unveils a harrowing truth: the children are not destined for loving homes but are, in fact, bred as livestock to sustain a malevolent race of demons. This unexpected and sinister turn reshapes the story from a simple tale of escape into a multi-layered battle for survival and a moral exploration of sacrifice and defiance. By skillfully subverting anticipated outcomes, the series leaves its audience in a state of astonishment and profound emotional engagement, as the protagonists confront the formidable grip of a bleak reality.

One Piece

Renowned for its intricate narrative, One Piece is replete with captivating plot twists. Particularly noteworthy is the revelation surrounding the world’s true history during the enigmatic „Void Century.“ This unforeseen development illuminates a concealed history that the World Government has meticulously obscured, subsequently reshaping the context of the Straw Hat Pirates‘ overarching journey. The revelation bestows an entirely fresh significance upon the understanding of the Ancient Weapons, the gaps within the Poneglyphs, and the import of the Great Pirate Age. As the layers of the narrative unfurl, viewers are privy to a clandestine truth that fundamentally redefines the dynamic between pirates and the World Government, propelling the stakes to uncharted heights.

Death Note

The unforeseen demise of the brilliant investigator, L, stands as one of the most astonishing plot twists. Throughout the series, L is depicted as an enigmatic and exceptionally intelligent figure, pitted against the equally sharp-witted protagonist, Light Yagami. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn as L’s life is tragically cut short midway through the storyline.

This startling event not only reshapes the dynamics of power within the narrative but also leaves viewers utterly stunned. With L’s untimely departure, the confrontation between Light and his adversaries gains newfound intricacy, ushering in the emergence of Near and Mello as his successors. L’s passing serves as a catalyst, propelling the storyline into an entirely new phase. To this day, L’s death remains a defining moment in the series, underscoring the story’s ability to evoke emotional investment in its characters.

Dragon Ball Z

In one of the anime world’s most beloved series, the revelation that Goku hails from the distant planet Vegeta rather than Earth stands as an iconic plot twist. This disclosure, widely recognized as one of anime’s most renowned surprises, profoundly reshaped Goku’s character. He evolved from a formidable martial artist into a Saiyan warrior with an extraordinary lineage. This unexpected twist not only connected him to other formidable Saiyan figures but also elucidated his unparalleled strength and insatiable appetite for battle.

The unveiling of Goku’s extraterrestrial origins not only redefined his identity but also exerted a substantial influence on the overarching narrative. It left an indelible impact on his relationships, motivations, and the overarching storyline of the series. This revelation stands as a testament to the anime’s capacity to ingeniously interweave unexpected elements, enriching the character dynamics and storyline in unparalleled ways.


Among the myriad significant plot twists woven throughout Bleach’s narrative tapestry, none looms larger than the revelation of Sosuke Aizen’s true villainous nature. Initially portrayed as a heroic figure whose demise was a result of an ongoing conspiracy, the culmination of the Soul Society arc unfurled an astounding truth: Aizen not only survived but orchestrated the entire sequence of events leading up to that moment. This revelation intricately redefined the lens through which the Soul Society arc was perceived, transforming Aizen into a pivotal character who would dominate nearly every subsequent plot point throughout Bleach’s narrative journey.

Zombieland Saga

Zombie Land Saga stands as another anime that deftly employs a major plot twist. Prior to its debut, the show’s premise remained shrouded in mystery, hinting only at girls undergoing a transformation into zombies. Upon its unveiling, the astonishing truth emerged: the girls‘ zombification was orchestrated to fulfill an improbable goal—forming an idol group to rejuvenate the Saga Prefecture. This unexpected and utterly outlandish trajectory defied all expectations, birthing a series unafraid to introduce successive waves of absurdity, propelling its narrative into a realm of sheer unpredictability.

Kill La Kill

One of the initial major plot twists in the realm of anime is the revelation from Kill la Kill, where Satsuki Kiryuin and her faction were, in fact, aligned against Ragyo and in support of Ryuko. Although later episodes provided subtle hints that Satsuki’s intentions weren’t as malevolent as they initially seemed, the definitive disclosure of her allegiance to the protagonists fundamentally transformed the perception of her character. What made this twist even more compelling was the artful execution: Satsuki’s unmasking was vividly portrayed as she pierced and crucified Ragyo, brilliantly conveying her true intentions. The flamboyant and exaggerated nature of this scene harmoniously resonated with the show’s inherent tone and style.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba opens with the heart-wrenching decimation of Tanjiro’s family at the hands of demons. His sole surviving kin, his cherished sister Nezuko, is tragically transformed into a demon herself. Yet, traces of her humanity endure, compelling Tanjiro to embark on a quest to find a cure. He dedicates himself to joining the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps, driven by the goal of helping his sister and eradicating demons.

To earn his place among the elite corps, Tanjiro must undergo grueling training over two arduous years. His mentor sets a formidable challenge: cleave a colossal boulder in twain with his sword. The task appears insurmountable, but the spirits of his mentor’s past students, Sabito and Makomo, manifest to aid him. Once Tanjiro achieves this remarkable feat, the ethereal pair vanishes. A riveting twist surfaces—Sabito and Makomo, his mentor’s former apprentices, had met their demise during their own final trial. In a twist of fate, Tanjiro confronts the demon responsible for their demise during his own crucible. This revelation amplifies the story’s depth and captures the intertwined nature of life, death, and the relentless pursuit of vengeance.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man unravels the story of Denji, a destitute individual burdened with debt, whose only companion is a devil named Pochita. Engaged in unofficial devil-hunting on behalf of the Yakuza to repay his father’s obligations, Denji confronts betrayal from his supposed allies. As his life hangs in the balance, Pochita intervenes, merging with him to become his heart, imparting Pochita’s own formidable powers, including chainsaws sprouting from his head, arms, and legs. This metamorphosis catches the attention of the Public Safety Bureau, leading to his recruitment into a special division of predominantly non-human devil hunters.

Initially, the specialized unit thrives, yet it encounters a stunning ambush orchestrated by the Gun Devil’s adherents. The division appears to be utterly decimated, with figures like Makima, Denji, Himeno, Kobeni, and Hirokazu presumably obliterated. It is only in subsequent episodes that the truth unfurls—Makima’s demise was feigned, Denji remarkably regenerated due to Pochita’s intervention, and Hirokazu valiantly rescued Kobeni from an imminent threat. Tragically, Himeno and Hirokazu’s lives came to an end. Aki sustained grievous injuries, his lifespan drastically reduced due to the utilization of his life-siphoning sword during the altercation. Chainsaw Man is a gripping saga that wields these unexpected turns to weave a narrative brimming with complexity and unforeseen outcomes.

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