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Though defeating Dragon Ball’s Goku remains a challenge for most, there exist certain anime characters capable of matching his might. Presented here are 12 characters who possess the potential to engage Goku in formidable combat.

As the central figure in Dragon Ball, Goku stands as both a pinnacle of power and a beloved icon within the realm of anime. His triumphs within his own series encompass the defeat of adversaries capable of obliterating entire planets with astonishing ease, serving as a testament to the extraordinary magnitude of his might. This contextualizes the sheer enormity of his strength. Beyond the confines of his own narrative, only a handful of characters possess the potential to rival Goku’s unfettered power.

Yet, within this realm of formidable figures, a select group emerges that could present Goku with a true contest—a prospect he ardently embraces. These anime personas showcase a level of fortitude that remains unmatched, armed with techniques hitherto unseen by Goku. The outcome of their hypothetical battles remains an intriguing enigma, inviting fans to indulge in the captivating realm of conjecture.

12. Ryuk (Death Note)

In a hypothetical clash between Ryuk from the popular series Death Note and Goku, the anticipated spectacle would likely fall short. Positioned at opposite ends of the arena, Goku would maintain a vigilant stance, poised to confront an enigmatic adversary. Amidst the arena’s atmosphere, a faint trace of pen strokes against paper would resonate, prompting the Saiyan champion to thrust futile punches into the void. Well before Goku could even make physical contact with the Shinigami, his vitality would wane.

For Ryuk, this engagement would prove monotonous — a mere inscription of his adversary’s name onto the Death Note suffices. As a Shinigami, his form remains both imperceptible and intangible. The encounter’s culmination would transpire within a span of minutes, ushering Ryuk’s return to his apple consumption and Light’s vexation.

11. Alucard (Hellsing)

Goku might stand a chance against Alucard, provided the latter adheres to certain limitations. However, if Alucard were to access his Restriction System Level Zero, he would wield unbridled command over an extensive array of devastating powers. In this state, Goku would be rendered ineffectual against Alucard.

Upon transformation, Alucard would assume a form comprised of pure shadow, rendering him impervious to Goku’s remarkable repertoire of techniques. Once Alucard’s fangs puncture, the devoted followers of Dragon Ball would wince as their protagonist dwindles into obscurity, succumbing to an adversary existing far beyond his caliber. Attributes such as superhuman strength and surpassing speed lose their significance in the presence of the immortal sovereign of vampires.

10. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Usagi Tsukino, the embodiment of the goddess Sailor Moon, serves as the central protagonist within the Sailor Moon anime series. Alongside her confederates, collectively known as the Sailor Senshi, her purpose lies in safeguarding Japan from the sinister entities under Queen Beryl’s dominion. Sailor Moon exhibits a multitude of forms, yet among them, Sailor Cosmos emerges as the epitome.

Sailor Cosmos‘ ascendancy is underscored by her capacity to harness the essence of rebirth, reshaping reality itself. This exceptional prowess extends to her interaction with, and manipulation of, ethereal and conceptual constructs. Notably, she possesses the remarkable capability to emulate the abilities of any Sailor Senshi, while simultaneously asserting mastery over space and time. Furthermore, her resilience is enhanced by a regenerative attribute, enabling her to endure the annihilation of her psyche and corporeal form, even across abstract planes.

9. Exodia (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Should Goku unexpectedly encounter Yugi Moto within a dim alley during the late hours, he would do well to anticipate the master duelist’s possession of his grandfather’s most potent deck. While Yugi would invariably find himself at a severe disadvantage in a physical altercation against Goku, the balance would dramatically shift if he successfully conjures the mighty Exodia.

In this scenario, Goku’s unparalleled might would find itself devoid of a feasible rejoinder, should Exodia, the formidable entity, emerge through summoning. Irrespective of the magnitude of Goku’s Life Points, they would precipitously plummet to nil under the relentless assault from Exodia. Succinctly, the moment Exodia enters the fray, the game concludes in a dazzling burst of radiance. Exodia would then revert to dormancy, patiently awaiting the next occasion when its five components are meticulously united once more.

8. The Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The Truth manifests as a dauntless, deity-like presence within the Fullmetal Alchemist series. The prospect of The Truth engaging in combat with Goku remains null, as the latter holds an inconsequential status in comparison—a mere speck in the eyes of The Truth. These entities encompass an all-encompassing, all-knowing essence, embodying the collective consciousness and moral compass of every living entity.

Comprehending The Truth proves intricate, yet you can envision them as the very water you drink, the air you inhale, or the very earth beneath your feet. Their manifestation is not that of an individual entity, but rather a conceptual embodiment within the series. Thus, were Goku to entertain the notion of vanquishing The Truth, he would inadvertently beckon his own demise.

7. DIO (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

DIO, the iconic antagonist from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, stands as a legendary figure. Possessing immortality as a vampire, he commands astonishing physical prowess, encompassing formidable strength and velocity. DIO’s infamous inhumanity in combat is matched only by the prowess of his Stand, The World. The crux of his potency lies within this Stand, capable of temporally suspending reality for up to six seconds. DIO’s adeptness at consecutively harnessing this ability renders him elusive and challenging to strike. However, Goku’s previous encounter with the time-manipulating assassin Hit imbues him with a level of familiarity when confronting adversaries of this ilk.

Goku’s chief hurdle might lie in the fact that only those attuned to Stands can perceive them. Consequently, comprehending the essence of the battle could prove a gradual process for Goku. Yet, his adeptness at adapting to new challenges combined with his experience against unconventional adversaries lends him a certain degree of strategic advantage.

6. Jiren (Dragon Ball)

Jiren, a central figure in Dragon Ball Super, has garnered renown as one of the most formidable combatants within the expansive Dragon Ball universe. Widely acclaimed for his remarkable capabilities, he stands as a protagonist of remarkable might. A prevalent notion among enthusiasts asserts Jiren’s supremacy over Goku, a stance primarily anchored in the spectacular feats and extraordinary powers he unveiled during the Tournament of Power saga.

His persona is characterized by an overwhelmingly profound reservoir of power and physical prowess. This is further amplified by an indeterminate wellspring of ki energy and a masterful grasp of diverse martial arts techniques. Notably, Jiren’s potency is recognized as transcending traditional boundaries, rivaling even the divine pantheon of destruction. His potency is fundamentally tied to an unrelenting determination, a fervor that propels him towards consistently surpassing perceived limitations.

Jiren’s enigmatic aura extends beyond mere physicality, encapsulating a multidimensional essence defined by indomitable will and inexhaustible resolve. These attributes collectively contribute to a portrait of a warrior whose power is boundless, positioning him as a prominent figure within the Dragon Ball realm.

5. All for One (My Hero Academia)

All for One emerges as the preeminent antagonist within the My Hero Academia universe, bearing the distinction of being a malevolent force of unparalleled magnitude. His existence spans well over a century, marked by his exploitation of a unique Quirk that empowers him to amass an array of abilities through theft. This extensive accumulation grants him access to an immense reservoir of raw power, encompassing a diverse spectrum of techniques such as energy-based attacks, augmentation of muscle mass, and the metamorphosis of his body into weaponry.

Should Goku find himself confronted by All for One’s unadulterated form at the zenith of his prowess within the My Hero Academia domain, victory wouldn’t come effortlessly for the cherished Saiyan. However, it remains plausible that Goku, given his formidable capabilities, could ultimately emerge triumphant in the face of this challenge. The outcome would undoubtedly hinge upon an arduous clash, rife with intense confrontation and intricate strategy.

4. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

Naruto Uzumaki stands as the titular lead of the Naruto series, reigning as the paramount shinobi within his realm. His combat prowess is nothing short of exceptional, with a capability to outmatch even Momoshiki Otsutsuki, an otherworldly entity endowed with formidable might. While Naruto’s physical might may not reach the zenith of Goku’s, his potential to engage in combat against the Saiyan should not be undermined. Endowed with an inexhaustible wellspring of chakra and an array of superhuman attributes, including the Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto possesses an arsenal of overwhelming capabilities.

In a hypothetical skirmish between the two, Naruto’s arsenal could likely enable him to hold his own against Goku, at least for a substantial duration. His mastery of diverse techniques, coupled with his strategic acumen and the sheer scale of his abilities, contribute to his capacity to stand toe-to-toe with Goku in a duel of considerable magnitude. The outcome of such an encounter would be a convergence of their unique strengths, rendering the confrontation both enthralling and unpredictable.

3. Broly (Dragon Ball)

As per the perspective of Takao Koyama, Broly holds an esteemed status as the most potent Saiyan, eclipsing even Goku’s might.

Broly’s profile is that of an untamed force, embodying a legendary legacy. His exceptional potential becomes evident from his inception, boasting an initial power level of 10,000 that soars beyond the norm for an elite-class warrior. This contrasts significantly with Goku’s nascent power level of 2, an ordinary measure for newborn Saiyans.

In essence, Broly emerges as a prodigious figure, inherently possessing distinctive talents that render him formidable enough to imperil entire worlds. This differentiation is juxtaposed against Goku’s origins as a low-class warrior, bereft of exceptional aptitudes.

This contrast is further emphasized in the most recent Dragon Ball Super film, where Goku, having expended his various transformations, required collaboration with Vegeta to overcome Broly’s challenge. This emphasizes Broly’s extraordinary might and the difficulty Goku encountered in combating him individually.

2. Saitama (One-Punch Man)

The perpetual debate regarding the supremacy of these two superheroes invariably stirs fervent discourse. Caped Baldy, also known as Saitama, has often been underestimated due to his nonchalant demeanor in the anime. However, the truth remains that if Saitama were to engage with genuine intent, there would likely be no contender capable of enduring his might. The implications are clear: a single earnest punch from Saitama could effectively erase Goku from the realm of existence.

The latest chapters in the manga have offered valuable insight into Saitama’s unparalleled power. Following the demise of Genos at the hands of Garou, Saitama’s countenance shifts to seriousness, thereby unleashing his Serious Series: Serious Table Flip attack. This technique’s potency is underscored by its ability to reduce the lunar expanse of Jupiter into rubble. Furthermore, even the most mundane actions can yield extraordinary consequences in Saitama’s case, as illustrated by the mere act of sneezing during his bout with Garou, which nearly culminated in the obliteration of Jupiter.

These glimpses into Saitama’s capabilities underscore the gravity of his potential, positioning him as an indomitable force capable of transcending conventional power comparisons.

1. Grand Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)

Grand Zeno indisputably reigns as the paramount entity within the expanse of the Dragon Ball universe, reigning superior even over the Angelic beings and the Grand Priest. Goku himself bore witness to Grand Zeno’s unfathomable might when Zeno obliterated an entire timeline at Goku’s behest. While Goku wields considerable power as a mortal, Zeno’s stature transcends the divine hierarchy, positioning him as the supreme deity.

The encounter with Zeno has instilled in Goku an unwavering comprehension of the latter’s potency, prompting caution against inciting Zeno’s patience or venturing to challenge his omnipotence. The overarching sentiment underscores Zeno’s power as being beyond the grasp of human or Saiyan comprehension.

While a plethora of other anime characters could potentially provide Goku with the desired challenge, the figures mentioned remain notably conspicuous adversaries. As the narrative of Dragon Ball continues to evolve, Goku’s strength perpetually burgeons, leaving open the prospect of a future where his might surmounts these considerable obstacles with consummate ease.

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