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With its captivating narrative and intricately crafted characters, Oshi no Ko has emerged as one of the hottest anime series in 2023, causing a sensation in the anime community. This remarkable show goes beyond the conventional idol story, delving into the unfiltered reality of the entertainment industry, showcasing both its positive and negative aspects. As fans eagerly seek more content akin to Oshi no Ko, they need not fret, for there exists a wealth of series that can satiate their appetite.

For those yearning for stories reminiscent of Oshi no Ko, a plethora of anime series awaits. Ranging from the timeless psychological masterpiece Perfect Blue to the cherished shojo dramas like NANA, these titles are essential viewing for any Oshi no Ko enthusiast. In these anime, viewers will encounter similar tones, themes, and characters that offer a captivating experience akin to the beloved series, ensuring a delightful watch for fans.

10. Redo Of Healer

In the spirit of seeking revenge, Redo of a Healer shares thematic similarities with Oshi no Ko. Both Aqua Hoshino from Oshi no Ko and Keyaru from Redo of a Healer embark on a path of vengeance against those who have wronged them. Aqua is reborn, while Keyaru manipulates time to exact his revenge.

However, it is important to note that “Redo of a Healer” contains explicit Ecchi scenes that have caused controversy in the past, leading to difficulties in its English translation and publication. If you are uncomfortable with Ecchi content, it is advisable to consider the next recommendation.

In “Redo of a Healer,” we follow the story of Keyaru, a healing hero betrayed and manipulated by his own comrades. Retaining his memories, Keyaru utilizes his unique healing abilities to manipulate time and seek revenge against those who have harmed him.

Keyaru’s journey is marked by graphic depictions of violence and his pursuit of vengeance in a world where strength is paramount. Despite his morally ambiguous methods, Keyaru aims to challenge and transform the corrupt society he inhabits, striving for a new world characterized by justice and equality.

9. Nana

Nana, a cherished series, unfolds the captivating tale of two girls who coincidentally share the same name. Their paths intertwine when they decide to live together in Tokyo, driven by their pursuit of love and aspirations. Nana Komatsu, a cheerful and naive romantic, ventures to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend. On the other hand, Nana Osaki, a punk vocalist, seeks to forge a career in music after parting ways with both her band and her boyfriend.

Although Nana Osaki’s aspirations may appear as the more overt similarity between the two shows, it is the profound depth of the characters, the mature tone of the anime, and the exploration of themes such as love, friendship, and personal growth that truly strike a chord with fans of Oshi No Ko.

8. Erased

Erased explores themes of revenge and rebirth, similar to Oshi no Ko. The protagonist, Satoru, is sent back in time to alter past events.

Both anime series share a captivating mystery element as the protagonists seek to uncover the identity of a killer. Fans of Oshi no Ko will surely enjoy watching Erased. However, it’s important to note that the ending of Erased may not satisfy all viewers.

In Erased, we follow Satoru, a 29-year-old man with the unique ability to foresee accidents and travel back in time a few minutes to prevent them. Despite using his power to save lives, Satoru finds himself wrongfully accused of murder. Using his abilities, he is transported 18 years into the past, where he becomes determined to solve the murder of his childhood friend. Along the way, he unravels new aspects of his power and discovers the influences shaping his friend’s life. Will he succeed in setting things right once and for all?

7. Tokyo Revengers

Oshi No Ko and Tokyo Revengers share intriguing plot similarities, despite their distinct settings. While Oshi No Ko follows a protagonist ascending the ladder of the entertainment industry to seek revenge, Tokyo Revengers depicts its protagonist striving to rise through the ranks of a delinquent gang in order to prevent a future tragedy.

Beyond their common plot structure, both anime incorporate elements of the supernatural. If you appreciate the captivating journey of an underdog transforming into a formidable force, Tokyo Revengers is a popular show that you won’t want to miss.


IDOLiSH7 follows the theme of the dark side of the idol industry, similar to Oshi no Ko. Both series delve into the notion that being an idol is more than just a glamorous job, as it often entails sacrificing personal lives for the sake of fan devotion. With its somber and introspective atmosphere, IDOLiSH7 serves as a fitting recommendation for fans of Oshi no Ko.

The story of IDOLiSH7 revolves around Tsumugi Takanashi, a rookie manager entrusted with the task of revitalizing the struggling idol group known as IDOLiSH7. Despite pressure from Tsumugi’s father to downsize the group from seven to four members, Tsumugi rebels and insists on maintaining IDOLiSH7 as a group of seven. This decision sets the stage for the group’s future under the guidance of an inexperienced manager. Can IDOLiSH7 overcome the challenges and find success in the demanding idol industry?

5. The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

The series revolves around the character Tanya Degurechaff, a cunning and ruthless teenage girl who is reborn as a powerful mage in a war-torn fantasy world. Enlisted to fight on behalf of her homeland, Tanya quickly gains a reputation for her tactical prowess and unyielding nature as she ascends the ranks of her military organization. Throughout the series, themes of conflict, authority, and morality are explored.

While both Oshi no Ko and The Saga of Tanya the Evil involve the concept of reincarnation, their approaches and narratives differ significantly. Both shows depict the challenges of adapting to a new body, but within distinct contexts and plotlines.

4. Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority explores the theme of acting as an undercover agent to some extent, as Ai, the protagonist, embarks on a secret mission to bring her best friend back to life by defeating monsters.

Similar to Oshi no Ko, Wonder Egg Priority carries a somber atmosphere that permeates the entire anime, even during moments of happiness.

In Wonder Egg Priority, we follow the story of Ai, a high school girl who stands out from her classmates due to her heterochromia condition. Tragically, her only friend, Koito, takes her own life.

After this devastating event, Ai is contacted by a mysterious creature who guides her to a machine where she can purchase Wonder Eggs. Upon cracking open an egg, a person who died by suicide appears before her.

To save Koito, Ai must confront and defeat the monstrous entities known as “Seeno Evils” that pursue the person she encounters. Through these battles, she hopes to gradually bring Koito back to life.

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War, written by the same author as Oshi no Ko, explores the theme of “Lies and Your Real Self.” Both anime series portray characters who hide their true identities and resort to deception in pursuit of their goals. It has also been confirmed that both shows exist within the same universe.

In Kaguya-sama: Love is War, the story revolves around Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, two exceptionally intelligent high school students who secretly have feelings for each other. However, their pride and stubbornness prevent them from confessing their love outright, leading to a battle of wits between them.

Using their intellect and cunning, Miyuki and Kaguya devise elaborate schemes and strategies to outmaneuver one another, with their friends and classmates inadvertently becoming entangled in their games. As they navigate their complex emotions, the question remains: Will their relationship evolve beyond this battlefield of love and manipulation?

2. Classroom Of The Elite

Set in a Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, Classroom of the Elite portrays a hierarchy of students based on their academic achievements, ranging from the best to the worst. The protagonist, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, initially appears as a quiet and mysterious individual. However, as the series progresses, Ayanokoji’s true objectives and abilities come to light, propelling him to prominence within the school.

Classroom of the Elite offers a similar experience to Oshi no Ko, as it delves into themes of high-stakes competition and intense pressure. The academic setting, coupled with the exploration of human nature and social order, adds an intriguing and unique dimension to the anime, making it highly enjoyable to watch.

1. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a remarkable anime movie that shares numerous themes with Oshi no Ko, with the exception of the idol and reborn themes.

In Perfect Blue, we follow the journey of Mima Kirigoe, a former pop idol who decides to transition into the world of acting. As she immerses herself in the entertainment industry, she uncovers its sinister underbelly. Similar to Oshi no Ko, Mima also becomes the target of a stalker. This futuristic film was released in 1998 and continues to captivate audiences.

Perfect Blue delves into the unsettling experiences of Mima as she navigates her new career. Her psychological well-being takes a toll as she grapples with hallucinations, delusions, and a blurring line between reality and illusion.

As Mima’s mental state deteriorates, she finds herself trapped in a cycle of violence and murder. Will she manage to survive this treacherous chapter of her life?

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