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Many individuals may be familiar with terms such as “pocket pussy” and popular brands like Fleshlight when it comes to male sex toys. However, you may wonder what sets an onahole apart and how it differs from other options in the market.


An onahole is a type of male sex toy that originates from Japan. It is designed to simulate sexual experiences and provide pleasurable sensations for users. The term “onahole” is derived from the Japanese words “ona” (which means “woman”) and “horu” (which means “to dig” or “to carve”), emphasizing the concept of a carved or molded orifice.

What sets an onahole apart from other male sex toys is its construction and design. Onaholes are typically crafted from soft, flexible materials like silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). These materials mimic the feel of real skin and create a lifelike sensation during use. Onaholes often feature a textured internal tunnel with varying patterns, ridges, or bumps to enhance stimulation and provide a more realistic experience.

One notable aspect of onaholes is their discreet appearance. Unlike some other male sex toys that may resemble explicit anatomical parts, onaholes usually have a discreet and non-anatomical outer design, resembling a regular object or container, such as a flashlight or a plain tube. This discreet design allows for easy storage and discretion, making it more convenient for users who value privacy.

Additionally, onaholes are often designed with ease of cleaning in mind. Many models have a removable or open-ended design, making them easier to clean thoroughly after use. Proper cleaning and maintenance are important to ensure hygiene and extend the lifespan of the toy.

Now, this may not be a substitute to real life intercourse, but it does come pretty close. The unique characteristics of an onahole lie in its construction, lifelike materials, discreet appearance, and textured internal features. These factors combine to provide a pleasurable and realistic experience for men seeking sexual stimulation and gratification.


First of all, make sure you have a Pillow cover, plastic pillow equipped with an onahole. This is the minimum if you want to have a really good experience. 

While it is true that some individuals may find pleasure in dry-humping a pillow without any additional equipment, for those seeking heightened sensations and optimal orgasms, using an onahole can enhance the experience. However, it’s important to note that not all onaholes are created equal.

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use a basic, sealed-end onahole design. This type of onahole acts similarly to a condom, providing a snug and controlled environment for stimulation. Complex or bulgy designs may not necessarily guarantee the same level of success or satisfaction. 

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Okay, so now that you have everything. It’s time to get started. 

Onaholes are straightforward to use. Begin by applying a suitable amount of lubricant, typically three pumps, into the onahole, and apply one pump onto your penis. Most lubricants come in pump bottles for easy application. It’s important to have an erection before proceeding. Gently insert your erect penis into the onahole, allowing it to envelop your glans. Onaholes are designed to create a pleasurable vacuum sensation, simulating the feeling of a real woman’s vagina.

It’s important to find a way to secure the onahole in place without using your hands. One common approach is to lie on your back in a basic missionary position, with the pillow on top. By lying in this position, the pressure from the pillow adds stimulation to your penis inside the onahole. As you engage in dry-humping motions against the area of the onahole, it can create a sensation similar to being in the midst of a wet dream while awake.

What adds to the intense experience of dakimakura sex is the ability to snuggle with the pillow. You can wrap your legs and arms around it, exchange kisses, and truly engage in a simulated sexual encounter. Since the Onaholes are made of such skin like material, the brain’s primal instincts can be easily fooled, as the senses are unable to distinguish between the feeling of fabric and actual skin. Your penis is like a fly stuck in a hot car on a summer drive, smashing its head at the window.

These Dakimakuras need care, as they are just like your waifus. Now you do not need to feed them, or care for them like a human but you do need to wash them and keep them clean. You can check out another blog that explains well how to care for your dakimakura pillows.

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