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Top 10 Most Iconic Transformations in Anime

Transformations hold a significant presence in the realm of anime, be it the protagonists evolving or their adversaries undergoing remarkable changes. These metamorphoses serve as a means to attain newfound power, while concurrently propelling the narrative forward by altering character dynamics or equipping them to surmount formidable challenges that impede their full potential.

In the world of anime, transformations constitute recurring segments of footage, ingrained in viewers’ memories. Yet, there are instances where a transformation unfolds in such a singularly impactful manner that it etches itself permanently into our consciousness. It stands as an unspoken convention that anime transformations unfailingly exude an awe-inspiring, visually resplendent quality, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship invested by anime studios.

In light of this, we present our ranking of the most exceptional anime transformations to grace the screen of all time.

10. Jujutsu Kaisen – Itadori Becomes Skuna

Itadori Yuji takes the central stage in the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen,” and his transformation stems from an extraordinary event – the ingestion of a demonic finger belonging to the formidable Devil Sukuna. He undertook this perilous act to rescue Megumi, and his life took a dramatic turn thereafter. Sukuna now coexists within his body, bestowing upon him unparalleled strength, swiftness, and formidable power, arguably rivaled only by the exceptional Gojo Satoru.


While Itadori possesses remarkable inherent power, characterized by his unwavering determination and raw strength, his true might predominantly emanates from serving as the vessel for the King of Curses. This unique relationship tends to be one-sided, with Sukuna harboring deep animosity towards him. Nevertheless, as Itadori evolves his human form, he harnesses the ability to manipulate cursed energy with astounding alacrity. The only caveat is his ongoing need to cultivate his cursed technique.

9. My Hero Academia – Izuku Midoriya’s Full Cowl

Izuku Midoriya’s attainment of Full Cowl 100% represents a pivotal moment within the narrative of “My Hero Academia.” This form serves as a tangible emblem of Midoriya’s mastery over his inherited quirk, One For All, granting him the capability to harness the quirk’s entire potential devoid of self-inflicted harm.

The visual manifestation of this transformation is a dazzling, electric aura that enshrouds Izuku, accompanied by an extraordinary surge in both speed and strength. This manifestation serves as a testament to Izuku’s indomitable spirit and relentless pursuit of becoming a genuine hero. Despite the inherent dangers associated with this transformation, it vividly underscores Izuku’s unwavering determination to transcend his limitations and stand resolutely against villains, safeguarding those in need.

8. Bleach – Ichigo Kurosaki’s Final Getsuga Tenshou

Within the Bleach anime, Ichigo Kurosaki undergoes a profound transformation by merging with his Zanpakuto, culminating in the manifestation known as the Final Getsuga Tenshou. This metamorphosis brings about a striking alteration in his appearance, characterized by long, ebony hair and a cloak reminiscent of shadow itself.

The pinnacle of this form is its singular attack, Mugetsu, an unleashing of devastating dark energy in the form of a slash. Nevertheless, the utilization of the Final Getsuga Tenshou exacts a weighty toll; it strips Ichigo of his Soul Reaper abilities in its aftermath. This transformation symbolizes Ichigo’s unwavering resolve to safeguard those he cares for, demonstrating his readiness to sacrifice his powers to ensure the well-being of his loved ones.

7. Naruto – Naruto Uzumaki’s Nine-Tails Chakra Mode

Naruto Uzumaki’s attainment of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode stands as a pivotal transformation within the Naruto Shippuden narrative. This form signifies Naruto’s triumphant mastery over the potent Nine-Tails’ chakra, a testament to his growth and maturation.

When he enters this mode, Naruto undergoes a profound physical enhancement, experiencing a substantial boost in speed, strength, and resilience. An additional remarkable facet of this transformation is his capacity to materialize chakra arms, which serve as formidable assets in combat.

Visually, Naruto’s appearance undergoes a striking alteration, as he is enveloped in a radiant, fiery chakra cloak. Beyond its incredible power, the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode carries profound symbolism, reflecting Naruto’s profound journey of self-acceptance. He learns to regard the beast within him not as a curse but as an integral part of his identity, a source of strength that he can harness for the greater good.

6. One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear Fourth 

Monkey D. Luffy’s transformation into Gear Fourth within the world of “One Piece” stands as a remarkable escalation of his combat abilities. This form is achieved through a combination of muscular inflation and the infusion of his limbs with spiritual energy, known as Haki.

When he activates Gear Fourth, Luffy’s physical structure undergoes a striking transformation, with his body expanding and becoming more rubbery in nature. The application of Armament Haki results in his skin assuming a glossy, hardened appearance. Gear Fourth grants Luffy an extraordinary augmentation in strength, agility, and resilience, equipping him to contend with some of the most formidable adversaries in the series.

This transformation serves as a testament to Luffy’s inventive approach to surmounting challenges and illustrates his unwavering determination to evolve and grow stronger in his quest to become the Pirate King.

5. Attack on Titan – Armin Turns into the Colossal Titan

It’s important not to confuse this moment with the instance where Armin acquires the power of the Colossal Titan, a decision fraught with anxiety as it entailed choosing between saving his own life or that of Commander Erwin. Armin’s transformation into the Colossal Titan unfolds for the first time in “Attack on Titan” on the shores of Marlin, coinciding with preparations by the military in response to Eren’s attack on Liberio.

Armin adopts a covert approach, slipping past defensive measures in a fishing boat, feigning vulnerability. As the military advises him to vacate the shoreline due to impending combat, Armin unveils his true identity. A single bolt of lightning courses through his form, culminating in an explosion akin to a nuclear blast that obliterates Marley’s shores, including its ports. The devastation is all-encompassing, rendering the landscape a fiery, desolate wasteland. Notably, Armin’s choice to render his titan form earless underscores his attempt to shield himself from the anguished cries of the people he has inadvertently brought harm to.

4. Black Clover – Asta Achieves Demon Form

During a harrowing battle against the formidable Lastros, the villain revels in toying with our heroes, testing the limits of their endurance and wondering how many blows they can endure before meeting their demise. As the confrontation intensifies, Asta finds himself succumbing to Lastros’ relentless onslaught.

In a moment of dire desperation, Asta’s arm undergoes a startling transformation, shrouded by an ominous, dark substance. Within this massive black mass resides a consciousness that claims to recognize Asta’s true identity and the desires hidden within his heart. It seeks his consent to assume control over his body and soul, with the aim of vanquishing Lastros.

However, Asta steadfastly refuses this offer, as he cannot abide the notion of defeating his adversary through such a means as demonic possession. He resolutely denies the black mass control over him, asserting his indomitable will as superior to any form of possession.

With unwavering determination, Asta rises to his feet, undergoing a transformation of his own. He emerges as a Demon, adorned with four horns, and the dark mass surges wildly from his right arm, containing copious amounts of anti-magic matter. This newfound power grants him the ability to nullify any magic directed against him, setting the stage for an epic showdown against Lastros.

3. Tokyo Ghoul – Kaneki’s Point of No Return

In Tokyo Ghoul, the initial twist of Ken Kaneki being transformed into a ghoul in the very first episode stands out as one of anime’s most compelling plot developments. Astonishingly, this revelation doesn’t even rank among the top five worst ordeals that befall this unfortunate character.

Kaneki’s harrowing experience at the hands of Yamori marks a pivotal turning point in his character arc. He evolves from a meek, timid individual who found himself in over his head into a cold and unrelenting killer.

The sequences depicting Kaneki’s torture are nothing short of nightmarish, as he endures ten days of excruciating torment, ranging from the loss and regeneration of his fingers to the forced intrusion of a centipede into his ear. Kaneki’s mental and emotional state shatters under the relentless brutality, causing his hair to turn white as a manifestation of his trauma. He ultimately abandons his resolve never to kill, succumbing to his inner ghoul instincts by consuming Yamori.

This transformative ordeal leaves an indelible mark on Kaneki, forever altering his character throughout the remainder of the series, rendering him a fundamentally changed individual.

2. Attack on Titan – Eren’s Awakening

Eren Yeager, the central figure in the critically acclaimed anime series “Attack on Titan,” experiences one of the most intricate and somber transformations in the annals of anime.

In the beginning, Eren is characterized by his impulsive nature and intense emotions, fueled by an unrelenting thirst for vengeance against the Titans – colossal humanoid creatures responsible for the loss of his mother. Despite acquiring the power to transform into a Titan himself, Eren’s inner turmoil persists, leaving him feeling impotent.

As the series unfolds, Eren’s worldview undergoes a profound upheaval. Venturing into the realm of a rogue operative and bearing witness to the harsh realities of the world beyond his homeland, he evolves into a calculated, emotionally detached individual.

His primary objective shifts from the mere eradication of Titans to a broader desire for retribution against the entire world for the anguish inflicted upon his people. This transformation transcends the physical and delves deep into the recesses of his psyche, rendering Eren a multi-dimensional character whose metamorphosis is as disquieting as it is engrossing.

1. Dragon Ball Z – Goku Goes Super Saiyan for the First Time

Goku turning super saiyan barely makes a dent these days, as the character has achieved multiple forms and evolutions throughout Dragon Ball Z, Super, and the non-canon GT. However, the first time it happened, it came out of nowhere, proving to be a pivotal moment for Goku. In the most terrific fight he’s had in the whole show, Goku had to prepare the largest spirit bomb he’s ever made to target Frieza with it.

He’s successful, but Frieza is too powerful and survives the impact. As the villain catches his second wind, he mortally wounds Piccolo and kills Krilin. Goku was in despair since he failed to defeat the monster, but watching his friend die made him lose control, unleashing the best within and becoming a full-fledged Super Saiyan for the first time. It’s still considered one of the best transformations of all time.

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