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Top 10 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time

As we begin our journey into the world of anime, initially, we are allured by the story and its characters. However, with the passage of time, it dawns on us that an anime may exceed its characters or plot and still be remarkable or memorable. The other thing about anime becomes precious to us – opening theme songs. If you are an anime enthusiast then there are high chances that iconic opening tracks like Kaikai Kitan in Jujutsu Kaisen or Gurenge in Demon Slayer have already found their way into your playlist. Each fan has his/her own personal favorites among countless numbers of anime opening themes released till date. But for those who wants more additions to their playlists, we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Greatest Anime Openings Ever Made. Enjoy checking them out!

10. Renai Circulation – Bakemonogatari

Did you ever notice how Renai Circulation from Bakemonogatari kinda took on a life of its own? It's wild how something that was only around for a couple of episodes became such a big deal, all because of those memes. But honestly, I get it. That song's got this sweetness to it that just sticks with you. I find myself listening to it all the time, you know? And the artist's voice? It's like a ray of sunshine. Pair that with those cool visuals, and you've got something special. I bet we'll be seeing Bakemonogatari's opening in memes forever.

9. Hikaru Nara – Your Lie In April

In the midst of the emotional symphony of Your Lie In April, Hikaru Nara emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience. Crafted by Goose house, this enchanting melody draws listeners into a whirlwind of emotions, reflecting the highs and lows of the characters' journeys. Though it may inadvertently reveal hints of the plot, its infectious energy and poignant lyrics leave an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

8. The Day - My Hero Academia

The Day by Porno Graffiti serves as the inaugural opening theme for My Hero Academia. Known for its consistently impressive opening themes across its seasons, My Hero Academia boasts a fan-favorite lineup. The opening theme skillfully sets the tone for Deku's character journey. Embarking on his quest to become the #1 Hero, the song conveys the sense that Deku must pour his heart and soul into his efforts – that he eagerly anticipates the day when his dreams will come to fruition. The accompanying visuals showcase a montage of Deku's rigorous training, portraying the determined young hero as he strives to emulate the Symbol of Peace, All Might.

7. Kaikai Kitan – Jujutsu Kaisen

Eve delivered a true masterpiece with their latest song for Jujutsu Kaisen. Renowned for its stunning animation quality courtesy of MAPPA Studios, JJK consistently impresses fans. The opening sequence is no exception, boasting captivating visuals perfectly complemented by Eve's enchanting song. While Jujutsu Kaisen has featured several memorable opening themes, Eve's contribution stands out as a showpiece that's in a league of its own.

6. Gurenge – Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

2019 marked a significant milestone for anime enthusiasts with the release of the highly influential Demon Slayer. Renowned for its groundbreaking animation, the series set a new standard for quality that continues to inspire contemporary anime productions. The opening theme, Gurenge by LiSA, was an instant blockbuster hit, dominating charts for an extended period after its debut.

LiSA's vibrant vocals, paired with Ufotable Studios' exceptional animation, cemented this opening as a timeless favorite among fans. It's frequently featured in anime reels, showcasing its enduring popularity. Additionally, recent Demon Slayer openings like Zankyou Sanka and Kizuna no Kiseki have also captivated audiences with their stunning visuals and music, further solidifying the series' reputation for excellence.

5. Gotta Catch Them All – Pokémon

For many of us in Gen Z, I'm sure this was the very first anime opening we ever heard. I can still recall those days vividly, sitting in front of the TV trying to sing along as it played. Jason Paige truly gave us one of the most iconic anime openings of all time, no question about it. Even now, just hearing the song instantly transports us back to those cherished Pokemon moments from our childhood.

It's incredible how this song remains such a nostalgic and legendary piece, etched forever in our memories. It's one of those timeless tunes that will never be forgotten, no matter how much time passes.

4. Silhouette – Naruto Series

Naruto gifted us not just one, but numerous classic anime openings that will be cherished for eternity. Among them, Silhouette by Kana-Boon continues to capture the hearts of fans even after many years. The blend of our beloved characters with this gifted song is truly a joy to experience, and it remains a favorite for many of us.

Of course, there are plenty of other Naruto openings worth mentioning, such as Blue Bird, Hotaru no Hikari, and Sign, each with its own unique charm and significance in our nostalgic journey through the Naruto universe.

3. The World – Death Note

Apart from Demon Slayer, Death Note holds a special place as one of the most popular anime for newcomers to the genre. Consequently, the opening theme song of this anime holds a significant sentimental value for many. It's yet another standout theme song that effectively sets the tone from the outset and subtly hints at the character of our main protagonist, Light Yagami.

Additionally, Death Note boasts a chilling and captivating soundtrack that further enhances the overall experience. If you're a fan of this anime opening like myself, I highly recommend checking out its intriguing soundtrack. For countless fans, Death Note will forever hold the distinction of being their first anime experience, and its opening song will always evoke fond memories.

2. Guren no Yumiya – Attack on Titan

Even a decade after its release, the anime opening that continues to capture the hearts of fans is Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon. It's remarkable how many exceptional openings the Attack on Titan anime has produced, but this one stands out as one of the most beloved among fans.

The lyrics and visuals of this anime opening flawlessly capture the indomitable fighting spirit of our favorite characters. Regardless of the circumstances, Guren no Yumiya will always resonate strongly with Attack on Titan fans, echoing loudly at every pivotal moment in their lives. We highly recommend exploring other Attack on Titan soundtracks by the same artist as well – guaranteed goosebumps!

1. Unravel – Tokyo Ghoul

One of the most iconic and universally recognized anime openings has to be Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul. For those who've recently delved into the world of anime, Unravel was practically the anime anthem of the last decade. Its popularity transcended the anime community to the extent that even some non-anime fans are familiar with this theme – that's how widespread its influence is. Despite the anime's shortcomings compared to the manga, Unravel managed to strike a chord with audiences and is undeniably considered the greatest anime opening song of all time.

In a series known for its psychological depth and darkness, the lyrics of Unravel perfectly encapsulate its themes, while the visuals are equally mesmerizing. Even if you don't intend to watch the anime, this opening song has a way of captivating you unexpectedly, leaving you shouting along with TK!

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