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The year 2023 is far from its conclusion, and there are several highly anticipated anime movies poised to make their grand debut. These anime films, particularly those derived from existing series, have revolutionized storytelling dynamics for the better. Blockbusters like “Jujutsu Kaisen 0,” “Demon Slayer: Mugen Train,” and others have introduced a fresh approach to engaging with the ongoing narratives of their respective series. These cinematic creations grant audiences the opportunity to delve into the tales and characters that may not have received their due spotlight in the series.

Beyond the films that serve as extensions of their parent series, a plethora of original anime movies have captivated and impressed viewers. Masterpieces such as “Suzume,” Hayao Miyazaki’s “How Do You Live?,” and “Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King” have asserted their dominance throughout the year. Thankfully for fans, there are several more promising anime movies in the pipeline, poised to conclude 2023 on a high note.

Rabbits Kingdom the Movie (Release: December 2023)

Tsukiuta originates from a drama CD series that has not only spawned multiple stage plays and video games but is now set to dazzle fans with its very own feature film, “Rabbits Kingdom the Movie.” This cinematic venture marks a significant milestone in the franchise’s 10th-anniversary project. The movie’s narrative draws inspiration from the fifth Tsukista play, “RABBITS KINGDOM Black versus White.”

Following the typical pattern of idol-themed anime, Tsukiuta revolves around the fictional Tsukino Talent Production company, home to a twelve-member supergroup divided into two sub-groups. The six talents of Procellarum hail from Western Japan, while the members of Six Gravity originate from the Eastern part of the country. Each of these idols symbolizes a specific month of the year, setting the stage for an inherent sense of rivalry among the groups. This rivalry forms the colorful backdrop against which themes of friendship, competition, and captivating musical performances unfold.

In “Rabbits Kingdom the Movie,” we can expect to witness the dynamic interactions between these twelve idols, albeit within a fresh thematic and narrative framework. Initially introduced as an April Fools’ Day surprise by the production company, the movie’s existence was subsequently confirmed. The exciting news is that “Rabbits Kingdom the Movie” is set to grace Japanese screens in December 2023, promising a delightful treat for fans of the Tsukiuta franchise.

Kitarou Tanjou: Gegege no Nazo (Release: November 17, 2023)

Gegege no Kitaro brought a clever blend of horror and wit to the anime community. This series, deeply rooted in supernatural lore crafted by Shigeru Mizuki, delves into the rich tapestry of Japanese horror stories and folklore. Mizuki weaves these chilling tales through the character of Kitaro, a 13-year-old boy who is more than he seems – he’s a yokai, and not just any yokai but the last surviving member of the enigmatic Ghost Tribe. In a world where humans have forgotten about yokai, Kitaro finds himself tasked with maintaining harmony between the human realm and the world of yokai. His loyal companion is his decaying father, Medama-Oyaji, whose existence is now confined to his old eyeball.

With Kitarou Tanjou: Gegege no Nazo, it’s likely that the anime will delve into the long-standing mysteries surrounding Kitaro’s birth and delve deeper into the lore surrounding his lineage. The key visual not only showcases Kitaro’s adoptive father, Mizuki but also reveals the original form of his birth father, Medama-Oyaji. From the looks of the visual, it appears that Kitaro is poised to embark on a journey into his blood-soaked past or confront the challenges tied to it. Toei Animation has designated this movie as part of a special 100th-year Birth Anniversary project, signifying its significance. Kitarou Tanjou: Gegege no Nazo is set to make its debut in Japan on November 17, 2023.

Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning (Release: October 27, 2023)

Despite the original anime airing back in the 90s, the enduring passion of Digimon fans refuses to wane. This fervor has led the franchise to continually churn out new seasons and feature films, all designed to evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia. In addition to these ongoing separate seasons, the Digimon franchise went a step further by re-releasing the original Digimon Adventure anime, enhancing its visuals for a new generation of viewers. Furthermore, it delved into the lives of the original characters as they navigated adulthood.

Now, the torch is being passed to the next generation of DigiDestined, who are poised to take center stage on the big screen with “Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning.” This movie serves as a direct sequel to the original anime series, which introduced a fresh generation of DigiDestined while retaining the original chosen ones in supporting roles. From the visuals we’ve glimpsed, it appears that the film will follow a style reminiscent of “Digimon Adventure Tri.,” showcasing the grown-up versions of beloved characters like Davis and the rest of the gang.

Although details about the plot are scarce, “Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning” will continue the narrative from the events of “Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna,” where the main characters had reached the age of 20. Anticipation is running high for this upcoming installment, which is scheduled to make its debut in Japan on October 27, 2023.

Spy x Family Movie: Code: White (Release: December 23, 2023)

Spy x Family took the anime community by storm, offering a fresh take on the classic James Bond-style narrative, infused with a unique family twist. On the surface, the Forgers appear to be the epitome of a happy family, complete with a loving mother, a prosperous father, and an adorable daughter attending an esteemed school. Yet, beneath this facade lies a web of secrets. Loid is a super spy, Yor is a notorious assassin, and Anya possesses the hidden ability of telepathy. Despite their unconventional roles, the Forger family endeavors to remember that, amidst their covert identities, they are, in essence, a family.

Now, the eagerly anticipated Forger family is ready to make their big-screen debut as the franchise gears up to release its first animated movie, Spy x Family Code: White. This cinematic adventure will take a slight departure from the original storyline, treating the audience to an action-packed side quest.

Maintaining his cover by disguising his missions as “family time,” Loid Forger takes his family on a vacation that is, in reality, a high-stakes mission in disguise because Loid is never truly off duty. This time, Loid’s mission is to have Anya win a Stella award by preparing the school principal’s favorite dish for a cooking competition. To ensure authenticity, the Forger family embarks on a journey to Frigis. However, in the world of the Forgers, “normal” does not exist. What should have been a straightforward trip quickly spirals into an adrenaline-fueled adventure with stakes as high as global peace.

Spy x Family Code: White is scheduled for release on December 23, 2023, in Japan, with the possibility of an international release in early 2024. Produced by CloverWorks and Wit Studio, this movie will present an original storyline under the watchful guidance of the manga creator, promising an exciting addition to the Spy x Family universe.

Witch on the Holy Night (Release: Possibly 2023)

Witch on the Holy Night adds another captivating chapter to the expansive Nasuverse, enthralling audiences with its mesmerizing world of witches and magic. This feature film, adapted from the visual novel published by Type-Moon, is set to serve as a prequel to the widely acclaimed animated series “Tsukihime.” The central character of the movie is Aoko, who takes on the role of teaching Shiki Tohno how to harness his Mystic Eyes abilities. The narrative will revolve around the adventures of Aoko Aozaki, who has been entrusted with overseeing Misaki Town by her grandfather.

However, subtlety is not Aoko’s strong suit when it comes to sorcery. Just as she believes she has achieved a semblance of balance between her sorcery and her housemate Alice, a mysterious transfer student from the mountains disrupts everything. Aoko, along with her fellow witches, must unravel the enigma surrounding this peculiar boy while contending with looming threats to their town.

While Ufotable unveiled a teaser for Witch on the Holy Night in 2021, an official release date has yet to be confirmed. However, there are rumors circulating that suggest it might make its debut in late 2023, offering eager fans an opportunity to delve further into the mystical and captivating Nasuverse.

City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust (Release: September 8, 2023)

City Hunter stands as one of the most monumental anime franchises in history, boasting a multitude of animated series, movies, and even live-action adaptations. The tale of the charismatic and expert gunman, Ryo Saeba, known for his pursuit of women, has attained cult classic status. The City Hunter universe has already produced four anime series, five animated feature films, and three anime specials. The most recent addition to this esteemed legacy is City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust, brought to life by Aniplex.

The movie delves into the enigmatic past of Ryo Saeba, a man with no recollection of his early life, raised as a guerilla fighter in the United States. Upon his relocation to Japan, he encounters Hideyuki Makimura, a former detective, who introduces Ryo to the world of “sweepers” – a clandestine group of hired vigilantes renowned for their prowess as detectives, fighters, and assassins. Together, Ryo and Hideyuki establish their own sweeper organization, aptly named City Hunter, and embark on a journey to solve complex cases.

City Hunter the Movie: Angel Dust promises to shed light on Ryo’s shadowy past and bring to life the long-awaited confrontation with his adoptive father, Shin Kaibara. As Ryo grapples with his haunting memories, he finds himself pursued by formidable foes – super soldiers injected with nanomachines known as Angel Dust. The movie is set to make its grand premiere on September 8, 2023, in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the City Hunter franchise, offering fans an eagerly anticipated addition to the saga.

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