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Mashle: Magic and Muscles, 10 Strongest Characters in the Anime

In the realm of Mashle: Magic & Muscles, the spectrum of formidable characters stretches from the nonchalant defiance of physics embodied by Mashle himself to the reality-warping magic wielded by Abyss Razor. This anime universe boasts an array of powerful individuals.

Despite the prevalent slapstick comedy that characterizes the series, Mashle: Magic & Muscles seamlessly blends humor with occasional moments of gravity. While humor takes center stage, the battles within the anime hold considerable weight. Each character’s unique brand of personal magic adds depth to the conflicts, ensuring viewer engagement with every encounter. Each newcomer introduces another powerhouse into the mix.

Strongest Character in Mashle #10


Within the core ensemble of characters, Dot stands out as one of the freshmen residing in Adler dormitory and a close companion of Mash. His character is defined by a lively and forthright demeanor. Despite occasionally displaying a brusque manner, he harbors genuine kindness at his core.

Dot’s magical abilities may not initially captivate with their complexity; he simply conjures fireballs. However, his true strength lies in the revered ‘Ira Kreuz,’ a power that surges when he experiences intense emotions, resulting in a remarkable increase in magical potency. Furthermore, Dot demonstrates ingenuity in employing his ostensibly basic magic, rendering him a formidable adversary in combat.

Strongest Character in Mashle #9

Abyss Razor

As the second-in-command of Magia Lupus and a subordinate to Abel, Abyss Razor emerges as a figure of formidable might, perhaps even surpassing his own superior. His upbringing marred by tragedy has left him grappling with deep-seated confidence issues, hindering his potential. Rather than harboring personal aspirations, his sole focus is safeguarding Abel, the individual who rescued him from his past plight.

Abyss Razor boasts not one, but two magics that amplify his already formidable presence. His ‘Evil Eye’ possesses the uncanny ability to nullify any magic it gazes upon, while his acceleration magic further bolsters his prowess. When adeptly wielded, his ocular power enables him to contend with even the most formidable magic users. Coupled with his distinctive acceleration magic, Abyss Razor emerges as a highly formidable adversary.

Strongest Character in Mashle #8

Lance Crown

As the deuteragonist of the series and initially a double-liner, Lance Crown emerges as one of the most formidable characters throughout the narrative. While his power may not be fully realized in the current season of the anime, there’s a palpable sense that given time, he will ascend to become a truly formidable force.

As a double-liner, Lance wields a vast reservoir of magical energy, a potential he fully harnesses in his personal magic, Graviole. This unique ability grants him mastery over gravity manipulation, further augmenting his prowess on the battlefield.

Strongest Character in Mashle #7

Renatus Revol

Despite his unassuming appearance, Renatus Revol holds the esteemed position of leader within the Magical Cemetery Administration. Concealed beneath the scar adorning his right cheek and his relaxed attire lies a formidable triple-liner, who revels in the authority to mete out justice to criminals. Among the Divine Visionaries, Renatus is renowned for his mastery of Undeath, a magic reminiscent of the necromantic arts seen in games like Diablo, enabling him to summon and manipulate colossal undead appendages.

What truly distinguishes Renatus is his immortality, affording him the ability to rapidly regenerate lost limbs. In dire situations, he can fully utilize his triple-liner status to invoke the presence of the God of Death, Thanatos. Initially manifesting as a skeletal scythe, which replaces his conventional finger wand, this ability can evolve into Thanatos Inclination, effectively materializing the God of Death himself onto the battlefield.

Strongest Character in Mashle #6

Orter Madl

Within the esteemed ranks of the Divine Visionaries operating within the Bureau of Magic, Orter Madl stands out for wielding one of the most versatile forms of spellcasting in the magical anime series: Sands. Reminiscent of Gaara from Naruto, Orter’s manipulation of sand grants him a formidable arsenal, capable of both slicing through steel and effortlessly deflecting Mash’s formidable physical assaults.

Despite his tender age, Orter is a rare specimen even among the already scarce three-liners, possessing access to Thirds. This enables him to summon the enigmatic God of Sand from within his wand. Regrettably, the full extent of this Third’s powers remains shrouded in mystery, leaving Orter’s true potential uncharted. Nonetheless, he has demonstrated impressive feats, including swiftly dispatching Famin and engaging in combat with Doom at 70 percent of the latter’s power.

Strongest Character in Mashle #5

Ryoh Grantz

Confronting Adam’s existence-obliterating Darkness can instill fear in even the bravest hearts, yet Ryoh Grantz stands as the sole individual possessing the firepower necessary to withstand its onslaught. Currently holding the esteemed position of Captain within the Magic Security Force, Ryoh embodies an egotistical demeanor, treating the world as his personal stage—a persona perfectly aligned with his aptly named magic, Lights. Through his mastery over light manipulation, Ryoh commands various manifestations of luminance, often employing rays of light capable of piercing through solid structures. In combat scenarios, he utilizes light for teleportation, shielding allies, and dazzling adversaries with blinding flashes.

As a Divine Visionary, Ryoh taps into the potential of his Thirds to summon Hyperion, the formidable God of Light. Among Ryoh’s remarkable accomplishments is his Lights’ unique ability to counteract magical darkness. He has demonstrated the capacity to withstand the devastating force of Adam’s Darkness, compel the formidable Doom to amplify his power to 80%, and engage in combat against the dark magic wielded by Innocent Zero.

Strongest Character in Mashle #4

Cell War

Cell War, the inaugural representative of the Innocent Zero faction, makes a striking impression with his initial portrayal as a religious archetype. Adorned with a crown of thorns and eschewing conventional locomotion for an eerie levitation, he exudes an aura of heightened menace.

In the anime, details regarding Cell War remain scarce. However, his repertoire of abilities includes telekinesis, demonstrated by his ability to compel Abel to self-asphyxiate. Additionally, he exhibits the capacity for flight, or at the very least, levitation, adding to his enigmatic presence. Moreover, Cell War displays proficiency in the manipulation of portals, effortlessly creating openings to alternate dimensions. His encounter with Mash underscores his formidable capabilities, effortlessly restraining the protagonist without exerting significant effort.

Strongest Character in Mashle #3

Headmaster Wahlberg

Headmaster Wahlberg, a formidable magician of considerable renown, assumes a supporting role in Mashle. From the outset, he discerns Mash’s exceptional abilities and subjects him to a rigorous and unconventional evaluation during his interview. Despite the daunting nature of the test, Mash impresses the headmaster, earning his acknowledgment as a promising candidate for the esteemed position of Divine Visionary.

While specifics regarding Headmaster Wahlberg’s personal magic remain shrouded in mystery, it is conceivable that his abilities revolve around the manipulation of environments. This conjecture suggests that he may summon diverse landscapes to confound adversaries and unleash devastating attacks. Furthermore, given his advanced age, it’s reasonable to presume that he possesses a myriad of undisclosed techniques and strategies.

Strongest Character in Mashle #2

Mash Burndead

The protagonist of the narrative, situated in a world teeming with magic, stands in stark contrast as a wholly non-magical individual. While relying solely on physical prowess to overcome magical adversaries may seem imprudent, Mash defies conventional wisdom and makes it work to his advantage. His extraordinary constitution enables him to accomplish feats of strength and agility that border on the superhuman, serving as a compelling counterbalance to the magic-dominated society he inhabits.

As a non-magic user, Mash possesses a unique advantage over the majority of his opponents. While they anticipate magical confrontations, Mash surprises them by engaging in direct physical combat, unleashing a barrage of powerful punches instead of wielding a wand. His prodigious strength is not to be underestimated; Mash effortlessly outmatches the majority of the magic-using populace, and this is before he even embarks on his training arc.

Strongest Character in Mashle #1

Innocent Zero

Innocent Zero emerges as an enigmatic figure, bearing the same name as the clandestine organization he commands. Much like Pain from Naruto presides over the Akatsuki, Innocent Zero looms as a central antagonist in the series. Despite his pivotal role, details regarding his abilities, appearance, and backstory remain shrouded in mystery, heightening anticipation of his inevitable confrontation with the main characters.

Presently, Innocent Zero’s organization is the subject of ongoing investigation, adding to the aura of intrigue surrounding their activities. Cell War, a formidable individual aligned with this organization, appears to be on a quest to locate Mash, suggesting a potential clash between the two forces. Furthermore, intriguingly, Innocent Zero shares a mysterious connection with Headmaster Wahlberg, hinting at a complex history that has yet to be fully unveiled.

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