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A brand-new anime set in the Dragon Ball universe, titled “Dragon Ball Daima,” was officially unveiled at the New York Comic-Con this year. Fans had been eagerly awaiting any news about a new Dragon Ball series, and the Dragon Ball panel at the convention did not disappoint. To the delight of fans, a new series was indeed introduced.

During this year’s New York Comic-Con, the upcoming anime, “Dragon Ball: Daima,” was revealed, with a planned release in 2024. The trailer, released by Toei Animation, offers a glimpse into the series, which will follow Goku and his friends as they are de-aged. The trailer featured intense battles between Goku and Vegeta and showcased many of the characters undergoing de-aging. Specific plot details are currently limited, but the initial glimpses are already generating excitement among fans, as they hint at a return to the series’ fundamental elements.

The storyline of “Dragon Ball: Daima” will be set prior to the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z. However, it remains uncertain where this series fits within the broader Dragon Ball franchise timeline or whether it will be considered canon in relation to the GT or Super series.

Dragon Ball Daima Releases in Fall 2024

The teaser trailer for “Dragon Ball DAIMA” commences by providing a brief retrospective of the series, tracing its origins from its manga debut in 1984 and onward. Interestingly, even scenes from the non-canonical “GT” series make an appearance, adding a layer of intrigue. The montage progresses until the screen displays the year 2023, with no accompanying visuals.

Subsequently, the year transitions to 2024, marking the true commencement of the teaser trailer. Fans are transported to a foreboding castle, where two unidentified apparent antagonists stand amidst a backdrop of events from the series, predominantly covering the events of the “Z” anime.

Following some seemingly inconsequential shots, Shenron makes an appearance, inquiring about someone’s wish. This is succeeded by a scene where both Goku and Vegeta are transformed into children, a predicament that appears to affect not only them but also Bulma, Chi Chi, and virtually the entire main cast. The group is seen journeying to the lookout and various other iconic locations from the series, before circling back to the ominous castle and its enigmatic inhabitants.

The trailer culminates in a dramatic energy clash between adult Goku and Vegeta, followed by a glimpse of a young Goku gearing up for a confrontation, all culminating in the reveal of the series logo. Considering the anticipated Fall 2024 release, it’s plausible that the series premiere may coincide with the 40th anniversary of the original series, slated for November 2024. However, this remains speculative, as no additional information about the series is available beyond the details outlined above.

The trailer for “Dragon Ball DAIMA” notably lacks any dialogue or a detailed story synopsis, but its overall tone appears to lean toward lightheartedness. This departure from the often epic and intense tone of “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball Super” is evident, with a focus on a more playful and whimsical atmosphere. These earlier series were known for balancing grand-scale battles with comical character-driven moments.

Fans can anticipate the premiere of “Dragon Ball Daima” in the fall of 2024, with the promise of a new and potentially lighter take on the beloved Dragon Ball universe.

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