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Digimon TCG: The Best Cards in EX05 Animal Colosseum

In the world of the Digimon TCG, the Animal Colosseum expansion truly shines with its exceptional lineup. This set revitalizes the MetalGarurumon (X Antibody) deck with innovative trash-based mechanics. It introduces a Leviamon card featuring unique token manipulation abilities, disrupting opponents' strategies effectively. Furthermore, it boasts a formidable Egyptian deity card, prompting Bandai to implement restrictions even before its English market debut.

Switching from decks mostly stacked with level 5 Digimon to those emphasizing de-digivolving for extra Digivolving effects, the EX05 Animal Colosseum set is poised to make waves in the Digimon TCG scene.

But the question is, which cards stand out the most in this EX05 Animal Colosseum set ?

10. Mitamamon

BT13 Versus Royal Knights introduced a new yellow Digimon deck that defies the typical playstyle by targeting its own security cards for destruction. Cards like BT13 Kentaurosmon sacrifice security for powerful effects, but this tactic leaves players vulnerable to attacks.

To address this issue, Mitamamon is introduced in this set. Mitamamon not only enhances board presence and self-protection but also strategically reduces Security Attack by -2. As one of the few level 6 floodgates in the game, an unsuspended Mitamamon forces opponents to prioritize removal before attacking security late in the game. Paired with cards like BT10 Venusmon, Mitamamon becomes a formidable threat, capable of shutting down Digivolution and Attacking effects. Its versatility also makes it a strong early-game option, particularly in Yellow Vaccine builds.

9. Leopardmon (X Antibody)

With the initial release in BT-14 Versus Royal Knights, the Leopardmon deck comprised a mix of assorted green cards with some synergy. However, the introduction of Leopardmon (X Antibody) has brought the deck to its full potential.

This card has the ability to lower the cost of your green Digimon by three, allowing for rapid deployment onto the field. Furthermore, Leopardmon's capacity to swiftly populate the board is complemented by its return-to-hand effect, which can eliminate nearly any Digimon in the game. And let's not forget to mention that stylish beam saber Leopardmon is wielding!

8. GraceNovamon

GraceNovamon, one of the two Secret Rares from EX05 Animal Colosseum, is undoubtedly a powerhouse card. In the Light Fang and Night Crow deck, its strategy centers on rapidly assembling your dual-color stack by repeatedly cycling your top digivolution card to the bottom. This process triggers numerous inherited effects crucial to your gameplay.

Given that your stack typically comprises multiple same-level Digimon, GraceNovamon becomes a formidable obstacle for any opponent to overcome.

7. X Antibody Proto Form

With several Digimon now capable of halting memory gain, card effects have shifted towards reducing digivolution costs instead. X Antibody Proto Form follows a similar vein but serves a different purpose.

While this card does enable players to lower the next digivolution cost, it applies exclusively to cards bearing the X Antibody trait. Typically, X Antibody cards can digivolve for free if the Digimon is of the same level. However, certain more potent cards, such as Leopardmon X Antibody, still require one memory. X Antibody Proto Form bypasses this restriction while also providing a valuable protection effect as an inheritable.

6. Dianamon

While Diana can be potent alongside GraceNovamon, where it can enter the field with numerous sources, Dianamon surpasses Apollomon in its versatility. Many blue strategies can incorporate Dianamon as a tech card due to its ability to effectively neutralize multiple Digimon at once, while also possessing the capability to attack twice or block as needed. Its effect also hampers any form of suspension, preventing both attacking and blocking, as well as hindering effects from decks like BloomLordmon with its self-suspension or FenrirLoogamon with its Alliance strikes. This versatility makes Dianamon a valuable addition to decks like Blue Flare or recent Gomamon source-strip decks that require more flexible level 6 slots, especially in a meta where Digimon frequently enter the field without sources, rendering them unable to attack.

5. Fanglongmon

Each EX side booster introduces a collection of cards that challenge the traditional gameplay of the Digimon Card Game. This time, Fanglongmon enters the fray, accompanied by its army of Deva Digimon.

Once Fanglongmon hits the board, it becomes a formidable threat. With its ability to impose a blanket effect of -4,000 DP on all of your opponent's Digimon, it renders Rookies unusable for the turn. Furthermore, Fanglongmon is impervious to Digimon effects, meaning only a carefully timed option card or Raid Digimon can effectively counter it.

4. MetalGarurumon (X Antibody)

This set has breathed new life into the MetalGarurumon X deck by introducing a fresh line with a touch of purple. This boss Digimon shares similarities with its BT09 counterpart, but it boasts a unique ability to blanket all of your opponent's Digimon with an Ice Wall effect, potentially halting their turn after just one attack.

Even if opponents manage to overcome the memory loss, they'll still face a formidable 12,000 DP blocker, likely fortified with layers of protection.

3. Garurumon (X Antibody)

In a scenario where Greymon (X Antibody) is limited to one copy per deck, it's perplexing that this card isn't similarly restricted. Fortunately, Bandai promptly addressed this issue by imposing restrictions on this version of Garurumon (X Antibody). Initially, this card allowed players to draw two cards while populating the trash with potential targets for WereGarurumon's cycling ability and activating its potent protection effects.

While this Garurumon lacks the ability to reduce digivolution costs like Greymon, its profound drawing effect coupled with easily achievable protection made it imperative for adjustments to be made.

2. Leviamon

As of EX05, this grinning crocodile stands as one of the most potent anti-meta boss Digimon in the game, also counted among the Seven Great Demon Lords. Leviamon boasts the ability to directly counter some of the most formidable decks in the format, particularly those that excel at spawning multiple bodies simultaneously, such as Anubis Merva.

Leviamon is an aggressive force capable of swiftly dismantling wide boards while also gaining memory. Its impact ensures its relevance in the game for the foreseeable future. However, it's crucial to keep an eye on Bandai's decisions regarding the restriction of purple cards to maintain the game's balance.

1. Anubismon

Bandai seemingly packed some of the most formidable cards into one set. Anubismon at its peak power is truly a daunting sight. This anthropomorphic dog has the ability to summon a Digimon from the trash at minimal cost. While this effect may not appear overwhelming on its own, when paired with Mervamon from BT11, it allows for rapid board spamming while netting more memory than initially available.

Similar to other canine Digimon in this set, Anubismon has now been restricted to a single copy per deck. However, this restriction doesn't diminish its status as a significant threat that opponents should remain cautious of.

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