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Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part Details Emerge

The Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part special is generating immense anticipation as one of the most highly-awaited anime releases in 2023. Scheduled for later this year, the precise official release date has not yet been announced at the time of writing this article. However, the team responsible for adapting the television anime series has confirmed that it will be available in the Fall of 2023.

With the broadcast of the Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part special, the television anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s original manga series will reach its conclusion. Isayama’s manga, which commenced its regular serialization in September 2009, wrapped up with its final chapter in April 2021, culminating a journey of nearly 12 years.

Fans who have solely followed the anime series since its premiere in 2013 are filled with tremendous excitement as they anticipate the culmination of their decade-long journey. An involved staff member recently provided a production update regarding the Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part special, further fueling the anticipation surrounding its release.


Sound Director Masafumi Mima provides an update on Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part

The most recent update on the Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part special has been shared by series sound director Masafumi Mima on his personal Twitter account. With a vast experience in the animation industry, Mima has been involved as a sound director since the first season of the anime adaptation of Isayama’s series, including its numerous OVAs.

According to the translated tweet, Mima announces that the dubbing process for the special is now underway, expressing gratitude towards all the performers involved. He also hints at a “tense scene,” indicating the intense atmosphere that will permeate the final installment of the anime series. Accompanying Mima’s tweet is a captivating collage of promotional materials showcasing the final part of the last season.

Among the various sections of the image shared, one showcases the latest key visual featuring a solitary house in a field, with the looming shadows of Colossal Titans in the vicinity. Another section presents what appears to be a black-and-white rendition of the series’ final season logo. The third section captures an individual closing their eyes, likely Kisho Taniyama, the voice actor for Jean Kirstein, based on the accompanying description.

Regrettably, Mima’s tweet does not provide substantial additional information regarding the series’ progress. Nonetheless, the fact that dubbing is already underway, well in advance of the Fall 2023 release window, indicates that the adaptation team is likely maintaining their schedule. As the release window draws nearer, fans can anticipate a more specific release date announcement, along with further promotional materials and updates pertaining to this climactic installment.

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